As busy mommas and women it can be so hard to find the time to focus on yourself. My virtual bootcamps make it less difficult by offering

  • 30-45 minute at home workouts
  • clean eating meal plan
  • superfoods smoothie
  • support of other like-minded women

My groups are hosted through a private app so it’s only you and the women I select to be part of my shine bright tribe [all figuring out how to balance life, work, family, and somehow take care of themselves in the mix!] We check in on each other everyday, exchange recipes we love, keep one another motivated even through our slip ups, and celebrate our victories as a team!


My daily dose of dense nutrition has truly been my secret weapon in losing the weight after 3 c-sections and while keeping up my energy as an ex-zombie momma. When you join my group Shakeology will be your secret sauce too. Your breakfast, lunch, OR snack each day will be Shakeology. If you are pregnant or nursing, I had

both my doctor and our pediatrician look at it’s ingredients and give me their okay to offer this to pregna

nt and nursing mommas. But, of course, you’ll always want to check with your doctor as well. Shakeology is made from whole foods with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives, or GMO ingredients.

It is an incredible way to get your vitamins in, increase your hydration, and help curb your cravings. I drink the vegan formula since I don’t always get along with dairy and if you’re a breastfeeding momma since it can often be hard on little ones bellies so you’ll want to try that too!


A few of the things I like to go over before you get started is exactly what your health and fitness goals are, what your food habits are now vs what you’d like them to be, as well as, your lifestyle. The bootcamp workouts can range from lifting weights, to high intensity interval training, to yoga, to country line dancing! And each program has a completely customizable meal plan so the best results can be achieved for each individual!

No more struggling with not knowing what or how much to eat. For example, most plans come with these cute little colored containers that you fill up your food with for the day. There is a green container for your veggie portions, a red container is for your protein, and so on. It makes it super easy to make sure your portions stay in check and that you are eating the right amount of each food. I love it because I you can eat according to your goals without having to calculate calories or deprive yourself of foods you love. I was able to lose 20 lbs of fat and add back 8 lbs of muscle by following the same program the ladies on The Today Show are doing right now!!


The virtual bootcamp is a place where we all check in with our workouts and track our progress but most importantly it’s where we keep close tabs on each other. It is an uplifting community of women who are all facing many of the same struggles and helping one another heal while magically in turn healing ourselves. This is truly where we are separated from say going to the gym, using workouts you find on pinterest, or trying to do this alone! Because nowhere else I’ve come across can give you an instant set of new BFF’s to cheer you on your journey!!