blessed beyond belief

blessed beyond belief****S H A R I N G my H E A R T****

As I approach my 3rd year as a health coach, I can’t help but think of how MUCH has changed by that one leap of faith.
Spiritually. . .


I try my best to share why I think the coaching opportunity is such a GIFT; especially if you are looking at this from a BUSINESS perspective. Why let someone else decide what you are WORTH per HOUR? If you would have told me a few years back that I could make in one hour what used to take me 3-4 serving shifts at my high end restaurant job I wouldn’t have believed you. I’m just an ordinary girl. No special talents. I’ve failed at every single thing I’ve ever attempted in my life. Being the underdog is my comfort zone. I’m an introvert. And, I’ve always been terrible with numbers.

But this past month has been a great example of the power of duplication and how earning potential and the CULTURE of our Team leads to solid income.
-We don’t post links.
-We don’t “sell.”
-We work hard to share our TESTIMONY and are true believers that income, rank and success are natural byproducts when you SERVE others rather than SELL products.

–> It’s certainly not the “only” way or the most “popular” way, but it’s OUR way. And it WORKS. <—
The end of July and beginning of August was a BUSY week for our family…

-Aden’s birthday.
-Back to School prep and shopping.
-Tom having a jam packed work schedule.
-Catching up on summer work.
-Heading off for those final summertime excursions

Our accountability and coach training groups were in HIGH gear and LIVES were changing.
Our Team was EXPLODING with growth. Woman and men who saw the potential and who knew that short term sacrifice would lead to long term gain.
Coaches were growing families, pursuing their passions and serving others.
And because of THIS Team effort, incomes continued to grow.

Coaches came HOME to their families.

Mortgages, utilities, car payments, debt, savings and vacations were continuing to be funded by the PASSION of this Team.

— And, I earned my paycheck that if you equated it to a “per hour” scale (and I don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way but if you’re reading this, you know my heart). In that one hours worth of work (I could squeeze in for the week) I got paid $683.00 within that ONE, incredibly busy family week. It’s not the biggest check I’ve ever received as a coach but it was the MOST money I’ve ever earned in one hours time! And that’s not to say I don’t work more than that on an average #coachlife week but, where can you decide to make your own schedule everyday and earn an income whether you are present or not!?

It may be a LOT to some, and little to others…but to ME it was a TRUE representation that I’m building something I can do even while:

I stay true to OUR values.
I am home with ALL my children.
I am able to continue to contribute to OUR personal family goals and activities.
And that you CAN build, and earn and serve others all while being completely in charge of your own schedule and activities!
Next week I will begin searching for a new group of coach interns and I’d love to answer ALL your Questions about Coaching. You will also have access to all of my personal experiences as a Coach and while this is NOT an overnight success business nor a posting links marketing company…
It will require hard work and resiliency.
Dedication and selflessness.
And staying true to the culture of OUR Team.
BUT, if you’ve been seeking a change in life, coaching can be anything YOU want it to be. You set the pace and I will match your speed.

Please fill out the contact info below or email me at to be added to my exclusive Sneak Peek call tonight. This for people who have BIG DREAMS and want to be part of something that has the potential to CHANGE EVERYTHING…even while off the grid in a bounce house at their child’s 5th birthday party.  😉

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Join my 21 day fix challenge group

Ok, hi there, Coach Tawnya Jean wants to know –  If I could give you an easy to follow meal plan with portion control containers, 30 min workouts, and one-on-one daily support from ME with a program proven to get results, would you jump on it???

I am looking fo21 day fix perfect portionsr 10 men and women who have 10-25 lbs to lose. Do you want to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin? I am opening up a group specifically for BUSY PEOPLE — who need a quick at home solution with accountability and support of others who are on the same mission. I am looking for those who are serious about making a change in their eating & fitness and are seeking something with lasting results. You will be be provided a fitness program and follow a dialed in nutrition plan. There will be no guess work. And even wine and chocolate treats added in! I am shocked at how awesome this has been working for my current challengers!

Simply scroll down and answer my questions about your fitness goals, struggles, and more so I can get to know you a little better and help you succeed. You wil be amazed what can happen in 21 days! ❤


Free download:

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You Pick 3, 4, or 5 Day Smoothie Challenge


Hey fit fam! I was super busy in July and FORGOT to do one of these this month and I know i have a TON of people interested in trying Shakeology out so I’m going to put together a SUPERFOODS SMOOTHIE Challenge starting AUGUST 17th!! This would be for my friends who are not yet ADDICTED to their daily dose of dense nutrition so if you are on the fence about it or just super interested in seeing what all the hype is about then this is a great challenge to join!

We will all be replacing one meal a day with Shakeology, eating clean and being as active as possible! The 3, 4, or 5 days will depend on YOU! I feel like 5 days gives you a good amount of time to start feeling the “energy” from Shakeology as well as many other internal benefits!

I plan on providing a clean eating meal plan for the week and I think this would be a GREAT way to jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle THROUGH the the rest of the year (so you don’t put on weight!!) and just the rest of your life honestly! I’ve been drinking Shakeology EVERY DAY for 2.5 years and can’t go a day without it…it is most definitely my SECRET WEAPON when it comes to providing my body with elite/top of the line nutrition and immunity boosting arsenal from all the germs the kids bring home.

It would be $5 per packet so you choose how many you want and you get to pick and choose your flavors (flavors limited, first come first serve) then add $2 flat rate shipping. You can’t beat having a chocolate shake for one meal a day or a fruit smoothie…. or abs. : ) We start August 17th so clean out your cabinets and let’s start fresh!!

Apply here: or email me for deets!!

Smoothies Challenge 5 days to Healthy YOU

Visit the link below to receive your customized email with recipes, shopping list and tips to help you say YES to your health and become a part of my smoothie tribe:


How does The Smoothies Challenge work?

If you’re looking for “rules,” I don’t have any. This is a simple step to creating a lifetime of good habits. And my ultimate goal is to help you drink one smoothie a day for 5 days…and you can do whatever it takes to make that happen for you.

If you’re ready for a change (and I know you are), this is what  you need to focus on during the 5 days of the challenge:

#1: Drink at least one smoothies serving per day 

My recipes make 2 servings (32oz)— which is enough to share with a loved one, save half for a snack, or even save for the next day’s smoothie. You can also half the recipe and make just enough for you that very day. Do whatever works best for you. 🙂 Don’t like my recipe? That’s ok! I have 101 more! Find them right HERE

#2: Start with the BEST OF THE BEST Smoothies. 

If you’ve never made a smoothie, this is for you!

Makes 32 oz | Serves 2

2 cups spinach, fresh (tightly packed)
2 cups water
1 cup frozen mango chunks
1 cup pineapple chunks
2 bananas  (sliced then frozen are best for ultra-creamy smoothies)

Pack your spinach tight into a measuring cup and put into blender. Add the water and blend together until all chunks have disappeared. Add in mango, pineapple and bananas and blend again until it reaches a smooth and creamy consistency.


1. Make sure at least one fruit is frozen to chill your smoothie.
2. If you aren’t a big fan of one of the fruit options try something else This is your smoothie make it your own.

#3: Watch your inbox for my customized email for your smoothies recipes.  

I’ll be sending out your free customized recipes, shopping list, and tips for 5 KILLA smoothie recipes  (Check your spam, junk mail, bulk mail and “promotions” folder if you haven’t received it— it seems my emails sit tight in there unless you tell your inbox I’m important 😉 ).

Hey, Get adventurous and make your own concoctions then share them in our private group.

#4: Don’t be a smoothies junkie – Keep eating regular meals.

I don’t want you to drink your meals for 5 days— that’s not healthy! Eat regular clean meals and use the smoothies as a healthy snack. If you’re trying to shed some pounds, have a smoothie for a snack and a meal. Load up on those leafy greens and whole food nutrients!

If you want to add more healthy meals into your diet and make the transformation even more amazing, make sure to check out our 5 day inferno meal plan. It’s a game changer. 🙂

#5: Try new things in your smoothies! 

Buy kale at the farmer’s market! Throw in some coconut oil! Sprinkle hemp seeds on top! Blend up a kiwi! There’s no wrong way to do this.
FACT: Your body is craving these nutrients even if your taste buds are nervous.
If you want my full bodied superfoods smoothie that would cost $40 to make with individual ingredients you can find it here:  Tawnya’s Superfood Smoothies


#6: Blend your lil heart out you Smoothies Master! 

Any blender will do— serious! Just make sure to use it EVERYDAY of this 5 day challenge. If you’re struggling with the chunks in your smoothies make sure you’re following my lead {{{ blend your leafy greens and liquid first }}}. Then add your fruits and blend again.
Can’t wait to watch you! Click on my youtube pic below to WATCH ME shake, er I mean, MAKE my superfoods fatloss smoothie!
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Visit the link below to receive your customized email with recipes, shopping list and tips to help you say YES to your health and become a part of my smoothie tribe:


Pineapple Chicken Kabobs over rice & veggies

Pineapple Chicken Kabobs over rice & veggies

pineapple chicken kabobs pic

This recipe was easy, quick & super delish!

What you need:


One whole pineapple

2 large chicken breasts (cut into chunks)

2 yellow bell peppers (seeded and sliced into squarish shapes)

Salt & Pepper

Dried Parsley (optional)

Sesame seeds (optional)

Extra virgin olive oil

Very Teriyaki Sauce

Brown rice

Bok Choy variety stir fry veggies


Cook your brown rice according to package directions.

Season your chicken to taste with salt, pepper, parsley, and sesame Seeds.

Slide your chicken, bell pepper, and pineapple in an order pleasing to you on each skewer <<just be sure to leave enough room between so that each item can cook properly>>.

Lay the kabobs out on a cookie sheet and drizzle lightly with olive oil.

BBQ your kabobs for 15-20 minutes turning every 5 mins or so until your chicken no longer drips and your peppers/pineapple look roasted.

While the kabobs are Q’ing and almost done stir together over medium heat a drizzle of olive oil, 1/4 cup water, and a drizzle of very teriyaki sauce with your stir fry veggies. I like my veggies crunchy so I only stir and saute for 3-4 minutes.

Plate everything together and you have a meal that’s kitchen to table in 30 minutes or less! And ooohhh sooooo healthy!!! Comment below if you try this recipe! I’d love to know your feedback!

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Want to be a STAY AT HOME MOM?


A little under 2.5 years ago I was introduced to a opportunity that would literally change the course of my life.

Don’t get me wrong I had an amazing employer at a local high end family restaurant working with fun and new people all the time. It was extremely fulfilling helping my guests enjoy their experience. I was able to make my own schedule and earn a significant income. But, just like most moms out there I was losing out on TIME with my own children and longed to be able to be home with them.

Not knowing exactly what I stumbled upon I slowly worked my business in between school pick ups and drop offs, during sports practices, and after my little ones rested their heads in the evening.

Before I realized it I started to generate a real income. {enough for my boyfriend to take notice } I continued to be efficient with the little time I had for me and was able to grow my business to REPLACE MY CURRENT MONTHLY INCOME as a server. Along with that I realized my DREAM of retiring from the serving life to be with those that are most important to me…. My FAMILY.

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet to join my team fill out this quick survey so we can learn more about each other and see if we are a good fit at


want to be a stay at home momma

I am just a regular person. A mother that just wanted to be HOME and DREAMED a little BIGGER then most are willing to dream.

I had no business experience. No formal training or clue about social media… Except mindlessly scrolling😝 and Pinterest.
But, I did enjoy helping other people and thought that health promotion was the missing link in today’s GROWING TREND of fast food and cheap ingredients while TV surfing and web scrolling. I had a STRONG DESIRE to change my circumstances.

I am humbled to be recognized in the top 1% as a Diamond coach out of 350,000 in the entire network. I have my GOALS set high in 2015 to pay this forward to other mommies out there just like me.

Moms that want time and endless FREEDOM of time with their families.

I am dedicated to showing you how this can work for you and your family! Just fill out this quick survey so I can match your goals up with what I can offer you at

If you feel like you are READY FOR CHANGE fill out the survey 👆or E💌ail me at

If you are currently a work from home momtrepreneur that wants to DREAM BIG with me I am honored to mentor you in my upcoming 💕 entrepreneur training  called — Badass GirlBossU online training– Check it out here —>>> 💕


Run Faster Eat Better Try Harder Be Happier

run faster fitspo

Start today. Depending on where you are in your journey that might mean committing to a routine or program, deciding to get off the couch and go for a run, preparing a week of clean meals so that you aren’t caught making bad decisions when hunger strikes, whatever it is. Don’t talk yourself out of it this time. It’s scary to feel like you have to do something uncomfortable. But GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING UNCOMFORTABLE!!! Once you push past it a few times you will be AMAZED at the mental rewards.
It wasn’t that long ago I was feel depressed. Defeated. Not sure what in the world to do with myself so I just wanted to sleep. Sleep away the lonely, sleep away the sad. Not one to take pills for things I can control on my own I made the decision to get in shape, eat better, and dedicate my life to sharing that with as many people as I possibly can. In 2 years time I’m happier than I’ve ever been and my own goals to succeed have created a life I used to only dream about.
Your mind is your greatest asset if you can control it. This is usually our weakest link of the whole equation. So many people think your body is what needs to be strong to push through a tough workout but truthfully it’s your mind. Most of our fears and doubts and failures result from our mind giving up or sabotaging our efforts. When you can’t go any further convince yourself to do 5 more. Break through that plateau. Same thing with your business, coaches…if you are too worn out to do something or at the end of the day you still have stuff on your to do list- rock it out for 10 more minutes. Go a little bit further than you can go. It’s in those moments…our weakest moments where we become truly great!
So proud of myself…Crushed my workout today- tabata strength…day 2 of week 1 of insanity max 30 is in the books. My arms feel like jello and there were many moments I couldn’t do anymore but I pressed through. Even if I couldn’t do another push up I would hold up in plank until I could do one more.

Feeling stronger. Feeling good. Who else worked out this morning?! ‪#‎behappier‬