How I edit my photos – a quick tutorial

Hi guys!

Editing photos is like one of my top 3 favorite things to do in my job description. I love snapping a pic and having the ability to bring it to life in 30 seconds or less and it goes from blah to transformed all right in the palm of my hands. I also love that I can be home on the couch and grab a pic from weeks ago at the beach to help give life to the words I’m trying to get across while I’m still in my PJs. : P

I could talk for hours and show you tons of before and afters or alll of my fave photo editing apps but let’s just take this one step at a time and start with my favorite go to photo editor: Snapseedimg_8277.jpg

I can’t remember if it cost money but if it did it was like a few dollars? Hands down the easiest app to grab and make the biggest impact with lots of looks and filters to do the work for you while you mess around with specific tools and learn what you like.


Here’s a photo from my camera roll as is:

Tap LOOKS then choose a filter; I love accentuate. It increases detail and saturation immediately like this:


Next up, TOOLS. From here I might choose HDR or go in and hand select things to brighten up or make more colorful but for today I just selected Drama:

I like Drama 2 and I slide up the selector tool to increase the saturation:

So you could stop there and save to your camera roll and post right to any of your social media channels! Sometimes I like to spark up the intensity and cool my photos off with the vivid cool in my iphone’s photo editing ability too:

And then I will crop it at 4:5 ratio for my Facebook and instagram feed, or 9:16 for stories.

For my Instagram feed I have an overall theme of bright, clear, high-contrasted photos so I try to keep that in mind when I edit. Every photo is treated separately because depending on where I take it the pic may be lit from behind, in a darker room, or shot directly under the sun, so I keep that in mind whenever I’m editing and try to stay close to the last few pics color themes and tones. I will be doing a blog post on how to take a good photo next, so stay tuned for that as well.

Other apps I love are BeautyPlus, Facetune, and VSCO. I’m going to show you some examples of how I use those apps in an upcoming post. I will be doing a blog post on how to take a good photo next, so stay tuned for that as well. 😉

Hope this helps, let me know in the comments if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions for future posts 🙂 always open to feedback from you guys.

xo, TJ

It’s not to late to shine in 2017

10 habits

A new month coming up means a new opt-in gift for email sign-ups. Yesterday I built a PDF that I’ve named “10 Habits that will Change Your Life!” but since you are already signed up I wanted to make sure and send it your way, in case you A: want to check out my mad-skills with a PDF or B: you’re curious what those 10 habits might be. You can download it by clicking this link:

10 habits that will change your life

Time to Shine…

If you’ve been following me on social media then you’ve probably seen me talking non-stop about our 21 Day Challenge we just completed!  Me & all of my current BOD babes kicked off today but I’m looking for another 10 women who are looking to stay on track and create results through the END OF THE YEAR with me 🔥💪🏻 We will still be enjoying the Holidays and a treat here and there while we create lasting results 🙌🏻 Let me help you and provide you with all the tools I use daily 👉🏻 30 minute at home workouts, daily superfoods, my complete meal plan, daily accountability, coaching through our online support group (it’s an app on your phone) and best of the before/afters wins a pair of Nikes! 👯‍♀️❤️ And a shit ton of other tools like how to detox your home, organize your life, and other basassery to help YOU create your own lifestyle transformation. CLICK THIS LINK to start your invitation process 💌 So stoked to get you started and hear all about your goals 😘😘 We’re getting ALL the things in order for the new year!

The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – Day 11

I am over half way through the Ultimate Reset!!!!!!

You won’t believe something I’ve decided since about day 7…..drinking coffee MIGHT be a thing of the past for me!!??!! I know. I’m like significantly known for being everything coffee. But once I got over my withdrawals I realized how much I naturally feel better without it!?!?

Aside from green tea or my unicorn blood — I am also going to stay away from anything caffeinated at this point.  Ive fallen in love with Teeccino though!!

I’ve also resolved for the next 6 months I’m going to plan out in FULL DETAIL & PREP allllll of my meals eating at least 3-5 vegan meals each week.

You never think it’s possible but ITS TOTALLY POSSIBLE for you too!! The first 5 days were hairy I won’t lie.  Not because of what I could or could not eat, but the feelings associated to not eating my emotions, the actual aches from detoxing, lack of energy while my body was releasing years of toxins and the pains of change.

Overall the food is good minus a few choices like seaweed, tempeh, and mashed garbanzo beans….I am full and not hungry throughout most of the day (as long as I go to bed between 9-10 when I start dreaming about what’s in he kitchen I could nibble.)

So Day 11 was the first day I was tip top shape for the entire day!  Feeling full of energy and life, clear thinking and patient!

My breakfast is pretty much the same for the next 2 weeks! They give you other options such as Miso soup, avocado and mashed chick peas but like I said….. not my ideal breakfast! Fresh fruit will do me just fine!!!  I am in a routine of making myself one and the boys love it too! I read today that fruit in the morning is cleansing and easy to digest for the body!

Tomorrow I need to get to the store for distilled water and more fruit.

Here’s the Skinny on Day  11:

Wake up w/20 oz of distilled water (Mineralize added) and continue drinking this ALL day just not until 30 mins after a meal for digestion purposes!

Take Supplements (Optimize & Detox)

Wait 30 Minutes

Breakfast (fruit bowl above) Try to pick low glycemic and in season organic fruit

Wait at least 2 hours. (I waited 3)

Take Supplements again

Wait 30 min


I don’t know that it’s allowed but I usually end up combining whatever mix of food combos they have set up. For instance today was cucumber tomato salad, 1 cup quinoa, and 1/4 avocado…so I just mixed it all in. It looks messy but tasted really great! Instead of the dressing listed (that was mostly the same ingredients as the greek dressing — I just used what I already had made of that) but here’s the recipe:

Cucumber & Tomato Salad courtesy of the Ultimate Reset

(Makes 1 Serving)

2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar

1 tsp. balsamic vinegar

1 Tbsp. lemon juice

2 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil

1 medium cucumber, partially peeled, cut lengthwise then sliced

1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved

1 Tbsp. red onion, chopped

2 Tbsp fresh herbs (I used parsley & basil), chopped

Himalayan salt to taste (optional)

Herbal seasoning (optional)

Combine red wine & balsamic vinegars, lemon juice, and oil in a small bowl, mix well. Set aside. Combine cucumber, tomatoes, onion, parsley, basil, salt, and seasoning in a large bowl, mix well. Drizzle dressing over cucumber mixture; toss gently.

Wait at least 2 hours (I waited 3)

Take your power greens

Wait 30 minutes

Optional Snack – I had vanilla vegan Shako

Wait 2 hours

Take Supplements (Optimize, Detox & Soothe)

Wait 30 min


Hearty Miso Soup

Hearty Vegetable Miso Soup

courtesy of the Ultimate Reset

makes 1 serving


• 1 t. extra virgin olive oil or safflower oil

• 2 T. finely chopped yellow onion

• 1 t. finely chopped garlic

• 1 small carrot, cut in thin diagonal slices

• 1 small celery stalk, cut in thin diagonal slices

• ½ t. peeled and finely grated ginger (I omitted – I hate ginger like a lot)

• 2 C. water

• ¼ C. broccoli florets

• 2 T. chopped fresh green beans (I only had asparagus)

• ¼ C. shredded Napa cabbage or bok choy

• 1 T. wakame seaweed (optional…It makes me hate life so I don’t add this either haha)

• ¼ t. sesame oil

• 1 T. sliced green onion

• 1 T. miso paste mixed with 2 T. hot water (also optional)


1. Heat EVOO in soup pot on medium heat.

2. Add onion, garlic, ginger, carrot, and celery and saute for 5 minutes.

3. Add water and simmer on low for 20 minutes until veggies are tender.

4. Add broccoli, beans, cabbage, and seaweed.

5. Stir and simmer until tender but not overcooked; broccoli and beans should remain crisp.

6. Remove from heat and add sesame oil, green onion, and miso mixture.

1/4 cup quinoa & lemon greens (greens sautéed in extra virgin olive oil & squeeze of lemon)

Finished off the night with chocolate Teeccino in place of coffee or a cheat and I have to say it makes giving up coffee for good a breeze!!

Dude, I’m so ready to be laser beam focused on my goals to lean out before my 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix Extreme  in prep for 80 Day Obsession!!!!

The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – What is it?
Research the Ultimate Reset, here

If you want to join in and find out more fill out this quick survey to give me a snapshot of your goals and within 24 hours I’ll zip a free health & fitness recommendation over to you and help you get started wherever your “kickstart” begins!

What happens when you don’t listen to the universe

The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – Prep Day 2

On the sixth day before her cleanse…. she got into a car accident. Don’t worry. Nobody is hurt but do you know who shouldn’t wear overalls!?

Gals that drink over a gallon of water a day…😅😂🤔
Back to the crash…what do you do when the Universe is screaming at you to pay attention??
You take a deep cleansing breath and thank God things didn’t end up much, much worse. Anytime you’re tackling a new project, idea, business, relationship, etc. the universe will test you to see how bad you want it. You might end up getting deathly ill right before a big event, your partner might blow up in your face and create a huge toxic argument, a hater might tear you and your journey to shreds in comments and messages, you might have an unexpected bill show up or something else happen to detract your attention from what you’re TRYING to do. And when all of THAT doesn’t work the universe will keep pressing you and testing you like, for instance, send a car hurling down the road to hit your car!? 🙈
Loud and clear enemy. Loud and clear. I am stopping to be thankful everyone involved is okay and I’m blessing and forgiving and sending all of my energy out in love. There is never any sense to rise up in anger OR defeat. Keep moving forward! I still have 2 coach calls, 3 new clients to set up, and an amazing “last weekend “before I buckle down my nutrition for 21 days like I’ve never done before.
I guess what I’m saying is if you have ever tried something new and then something bad happens so you chalk it up to “not meant to be” change your mindset to TRY HARDER THAN EVER because it’s more likely you’re on to something super amazing but also a HUGE TRANSITION that someone or something wants to test you, press you, see what you’re made of. So show them/it/Him AND WORK HARDER!!! ✌🏼💋 (always here to chat) xo


Interested in what I’m doing for the next 21 days! Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you get my updates and if you want to hop in and do this with us here’s a little more info:

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is not really a cleanse in the word you would probably think of. Normally when people think of a cleanse they picture themselves off and running to the toilet all day because of harsh processed chemicals flushing your body out. This is not the case with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. This is not a starvation diet, there are no harsh laxatives and you will not be sprinting to the restroom every five minutes with stomach cramps. Your body will not be deprived but instead you will be providing your body with all of the nutrients that it has been craving.

Do you feel inspired by these Ultimate Reset results? If you want to try it for yourself, click this link to learn more. If you’re interested in joining a challenge group for extra support and accountability, fill out the form below!

I used to tell myself I had fat thighs and a big nose.


I used to tell myself I had fat thighs and a big nose. Yup, I’d look in the mirror and just be filled with self-loathing. I couldn’t stand the fact that no matter what I did my butt was still too big and my nose felt like it was the entire width of my face. This was 20+ years ago when it wasn’t “Kardashian” to have a big girl bubble butt. It was before Sir Mix A Lot liked them little in the middle but she got much back. Before Jennifer Grey made it cool to have an unusual or large nose. And long before I could do anything to either one with plastic surgery!! I was maybe 15!?

Here’s the thing. What you say to yourself influences what you believe about yourself.

Self-affirmations can be positive or negative. Let’s face it. Probably mostly negative.

My eyes are too close together.

I hate my hair.

I am so stupid.

When is the last time you looked in the mirror and said

I am beautiful.

I am strong.

I love my eyebrows.

When is the last time you told yourself

I am funny.

I am really good at math.

I know how to bring people together.

My best guess is you don’t normally pat your own self on the back behind the closed doors of your mind and I’m begging you right now. Stop. Stop beating yourself up. You are making your own worse thoughts about yourself come true.

Here, I’ll explain…


So? Can you do this with me? My call to action at the end was to spend time each day affirming something about yourself in a positive light. One week. No inner self-doubt or hatred. Positive self-talk can increase your self-confidence and curb negative emotions. Be kind. Speak as if you were speaking to a child. Find a place in your heart that only you can make whole and complete yourself.

During the seven days you might find it easier than you thought it would be or need to give it more time and put more effort into it to get it down but either way, it’s a worthwhile step toward bettering your mindset and improving your sense of self-worth.

Let me know in the comments below how it’s going and if you’ll keep it up.


Want to workout and get paid?

Does that grab your attention?


Now don’t discount me here! I know USUALLY I’m boasting about how that’s basically what I do..  workout, get money, workout, get money.

But this time it’s DIFFERENT!! I do that as a coach. What if JUST working out 3 times a week, drinking a shake 5 times a week and sharing it in a private app on your phone meant you could win a piece of $1 MILLION DOLLARS!!??
NEXT MONTH we’re going to make a bet with YOU. Join me and get a workout, meal plan, and more based on your goals. YOU try it out and either get an incredible transformation in 4 weeks and get a cut from a $1-3 million pot — OR return your program and still get a cut from the pot for logging…
Still have your attention? 🌟

We’re starting the first ever HEALTH BET.
$1 million is being put in a pot (capping at $3 million) and will be SPLIT between anyone who logs their (3/week) workouts & (5/week)Shakeology for 4 weeks in our new Challenge Tracker App!
LOG your workouts… DRINK your Shakeology… TAKE a picture… and GET PAID!
There is NO catch.
No tricks.
No games… I will personally guide you every step of the way and set you up with a personalized plan that will get you the results you want!
What do you have to lose OTHER than that weight? 🙂

**no coaches please**

Help Me, Help YOU!

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Anyway, I’d like to know if you have any questions for me that you think others
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