How can I switch to you as my coach?

You purchased Shakeology or a Beachbody Fitness Program without knowing every purchase comes with a FREe COACH! Congrats! You are going to LOVE this!!! I’m actually a Beachbody Coach and offer prizes, giveaways and goodies all the time to my clients, challengers, and coaches. I host challenge groups to keep you accountable and motivated too. Your participation level is up to you but at the very minimum I send free stuff out to my customers every couple months.

You were assigned a coach when you purchased your program and maybe didn’t even know it. If you would like to have a coach you know in the real world making the switch is easy.


Here is the email you can send to switch over to me. It’s super easy!


Simply send an email from the email address you use to sign into your TeamBeachBody Account.






SUBJECT: Coach/Volume Switch


MESSAGE: “Hi, my name is ________________(first and last name) My Email is I would like to switch my BeachBody account history over to coach Tawnya Rigsby, coach id 162437, email Please make the switch and adjustments as soon as possible and please notify me of the change. Thank you


It’s that Easy!!! Once you send that email head over to so that I can get to know you and help you reach your goals!

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