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Examples: Inviting, Free Challenge Groups, Social Media, Getting New Coaches Started Right, Team Cup, Leadership, Recruiting, Understanding the Business, Customer to Coach Conversion, Objections, Duplication, Time Management, Sharing your Story, Turning Hobby to Business, Failure Http:
Tarah Carr Sarah Milligan 9:45 Going for No! Invite fearlessly. The difference between greatness and mediocrity is often just a little bit of extra effort. GO FOR NO, ditch the fear if you want to be successful.
Sarah Milligan
Anita Miron Konnie B 13:09 Growing your Business – Vital behaviors to Do so Concept of the WHY to create a business not a hobby, how to recruit coaches and actually get them to advance in rank, Discuss challenge groups and how to invite people, host a Beachbody Challenge webinar each week + Beachbody Open house + Clean Eating Group + Beachbody Coaching webinar & pages
Trina C. 25:00:00 Challenge Groups, Inviting, 3 Day Refresh, Participant Interaction Steps for inviting, creating and engaging with Challenge Groups– share this!
Becky & Christina Marathon Mel
Anna Gray Marathon Mel
Konnie B. 15:50 Getting coaches started right (7 Day Business Quick Start) Keep it PERSONAL – not technical! Keep Dreaming – not everyone still has dreams b/c they think what they have is the best it will get
Marc Cannella Marathon Mel
Sarah Try Trina C. 14:50 Recruiting, Building Relationships on Social Media 5 Recruiting Tips, Building Relationships, Instagram & FB
Jessica Nelson Elizabeth L. 12:25 Team Building, Team Page, How to bring the best out of your team Learn what motivates people, implement recognition and increase productivity as well as learn BB open house/coach sneak peak
Chalene Johnson Konnie B 13:00 Discussing PiYo & TurboFire She discusses how PiYo was created and why people would like PiYo and TurboFire
Traci Morrow Chelsea Vbk
Micki Fernandez Trina C. 12:30 Inspiration for Stagnant Coaches, Business Activity Tracker Tips for taking business to next level
Megan Ewoldsen Lissette Munoz
Lauren Duke Morgan W. 11:30 Being Committed to yourself & your Goals, Being All In Creating big hairy scarey goals and surpassing them, having confidence and no excuses.
Shaun T Muffy Graham
Brigitte Linford Melanie W. 21:30 Getting New Coaches Started Right Push for Diamond, Contact lead list, Keeping new coaches accountable (Go for No, PD, Inviting)
Micah Folsom Chelsea Vbk
Lindsey Catarino Trina C.
Leslie Kortes Chelsea Vbk
Monica Ward Lissette Munoz
Amber Scott Wendi Simson Up Against the End of the Month How to handle current contacts, new contacts and yourself in the last 72 hours of the month. *Check out her blog:
Mike Ryan and Tommy Migrant Chelsea Vbk
Jimmy Hays Nelson
Autumn Calabrese Elizabeth L. 11:12
Shaun T Amy Armstrong 11:30 Time Mangement, Recruiting, Challenge Groups T-25 is a program that can bring people great success, make a lifestyle change, and no excuses about not having the time to do it! Shaun T thanked coaches for pushing T-25 the way that they have
Lindsey Matway Chelsea Vbk
Carl Daikeler Muffy Graham 8:40 Inviting/Reaching out You have to TALK to people not just post on FB/Reach out
Jeff Hill and Michael Neimand Konnie Baker 9:20 Recap on what we did last year Just motivational about not giving up and how much we have grown over the past year
Amy Silverman Jasmine Santiago
Kati Heifner Samantha Romero 10 Challenge Group & Turning a Challenger into a coach #1 Do as I do (lead by example) #2 Accountability – keep your challengers engaged by holding them accountable #3 Connection – Create a community where everyone feels safe #4 Engagement – Set the expectation early to check in daily (again, lead by example). Invite challengers to be a challenge group graduate and have them help leadvyour next challenge, then you can invite them to become a coach. Keep the relationship even after the challenge is over.
Tony Horton Muffy Graham
Jeff Hill, Trina Gray (speaker) Ariana Barnes Expanding your team. Getting new coaches started right. The importance of accountability groups for coaches
Ali Upham Dana Roden 0:11:58 What happens when you’ve exhausted your circle of influence Meet new people in person doing the things you already do, then add them to your social media network. Build and nurture the relationships you’ve built. 6 step system to re-kindle relationships
Scottie Hobbs Lyndsey G. 11:12 Inviting to Challenge Groups When someone reaches out via FB message them to set up a phone call, be personable, confident, and intersted in THEM. Ask questions, find out their short and long term goals. Share the benefits of your group based on those goals. Set up your next phone call to get them signed up. Set appts. daily with people, be confident regardless of the outcome.
Michelle Meyers Monica Hamaker 13:20 Sharing your story Always thing customer 1st, product 2nd. Show you’re a coach, dont just say it, spend more time on FORMing than closing and closing will be easy.
Jenelle Summers Karyn Cain
Melanie Mitro Karyn Cain
Mindy Wender Elizabeth L. 9:38 Accountability, 3 Vital Behaviors, Coach Basics Group Power Hour to Do List, 3 Successful Tips: Dedication, Consistency, and Belief, Accountability Group or Success Partner, Tracking Progress
Mindy Lawhorne Muffy Graham
Kimi Andersen
Miguel Carrasco
Missy Hacker Sarah Milligan 11:40
Michael Neimand with Kelly Nieforth. Chelsea Vbk
Sommer Tucker Wendi Simson Building Relationships, Friendships, and Trust It all starts with having your heart in the right place, being genuine and building a foundation of trust.
Brandy Botts Trina 10:30 Inviting, Building Relationships through FB Brandi Botts gives you her 6 Step Inviting Process. She tells you how she builds relationship to expand her network. Step 1: Build relationships 2. Tips for inviting 3. Learn about their goals and why 4. Repeat their goals and give them 2-3 product offers 5. Close the deal 6. Call to action and tracking your progress
crystal Milligan
Kristina Delgado Trina
Michael Neimand, Carl Daikeler
Barbie Decker Michelle Ann
Samantha Romero
Seay Stanford Jessica Pivin
Monica Hamaker
Darin Olien
Nicole Jones Tawnya Jean 10:25 3 Vital Behaviors Nicole goes in depth how she truly focuses her business goals on the 3 Vital Behaviors, setting SC goals, sharing, inviting, staying consistent when your business hits a lull
Kristina Sullins Tawnya Jean 9:45 Recruiting, Time Management, Busy New Mom, Turning Hobby to Business, Accountability Kristina understands the importance of timing! After losing her job in 2009, she took time into her own hands by becoming a full time coach and by 2011 was running a 6 figure income business. How she uses time tactics to mentor her new coaches and keep her business and sanity in check!
Claudia Lopez Tawnya Jean 17:15 Team Cup, Leadership Claudia goes over how she developed her leadership skills leading her TBB cup team to victory. How they grew their business and hear their secrets how they won big!
Melanie Mitro Lissette Munoz
Jimmy Hayes Nelson Christie 10:34 Sharing your story (and the stories of other coaches) Jimmy shares how to use your “In my first 7 days” story. What did you do in your first 7, 15, 30 days of your business as a coach? How to use this story to create excitement. Celebrate your small victories and magnify your small successes. Sharing your ups and downs in your journey and being authentic. Share your story with excitement whereever you may be in your journey. Collect stories from other coaches to share to create excitement. Concentrate/focus on people’s lives. Invest in the people that need you and everything will fall into place.
Traci Morrow, Christine Dwyer and Josh Spencer Michelle Ann
Heather Foltz Lyndsey G.
Trina Gray Muffy Graham 11:30 Time Management/ Role in your business Busy is a false sense of accomplishment/ stop the addiction
Kristi Curtis Ariana Barnes 11:30 Invite, Objections. The importance of following up with people. Staying on track with your goals.
David Ingram Lyndsey G.
Muffy Graham
Tarah Carr Chelsea vbk
Lindsay Matway Wendi Simson TBB Cup and the 3 P’s of Accountability Sometimes you have to put yourself in an awkward position so that you can move yourself forward and get out of your own way.
Michelle Ann
Tommy Migrant Elizabeth L. 11:00 Objections, Fears and Questions Posture is vital to handling objections. Objections come from trying to present information too fast or person has not processed the information. To get over them, be honest, lead with your fear and utilize resources like videos, tell stories and connect by relating, validating and overcoming with information.
Tamara O’Haire Challenge Pack Sales 3 different approaches to FORMing with customers who will purchase a challenge pack
Meghan Wiczynski Aimee Huto 7:16 Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals Meghan breaks down the acronym S.M.A.R.T, explaining each letter in detail and HOW to go about setting these SMART goals to help move your business forward using examples from coaches on her team and her personal experience.
Hillary Kelly Trina C.
Danielle Hinson Chelsea Vbk
Irene Estrada Tamara O’Haire
Jenelle Summers Michelle Ann
Mary Whitehurst
Mary Whitehurst
Doug Fitzgerald Mary Whitehurst
Ariana Barnes
Monica Gray
David Ingram Muffy Graham 10:05 Success Club 3 step recipe to hit Success Club every month
Chris Balmert Michele V Success Club Chris talks about how vital it is to get to hit SC yourself making it a monthly goal and breaking it down for your coaches – SC5, you have 30 days to find 3 people to help
Lisa Koehler & John Congdon Chelsea Vbk
chris widener, Hillary Kelly, Christine Dwyer Sherice P. 7:43 min Leadership communitcating effectively, fishing opposed to hunting, takeaway they are talking about summit 2013 and having 5000+ coaches at summit and how the growth is projected for 8000+ for 2014. BB_110512.mp3
Pricilla Ashley Muffy Graham 16:09 Sharing with others The first part of the call is highlighting successfull coaches doing Oct FitFest/ the second part is her goals and ways she hits success club
Richard Neal sherice p. 13:08 Success Stories Richard Neal is the 100,000 Beachbody challenge winner, and diamond coach, living by example, being accountable BB_101512.mp3
Trina Gray Christie 22:15 Leadership;
Jessica Campos Christie 14:00 The personal development element; Creating a remarkable story; Goal setting; Being “Coachable”. Jessica shares 5 principles for creating success in this business. 1. Dream big; 2. Take action; 3. Creating and Using Duplicable Systems; 4. Trust Your Team – set weely goals and get results with a “no matter what” mentality and by holding one another accountable; 5. Inspire to Celebrate – encourage your team with tools to inspire. Celebrate the journey every day.
Mike Ryan Sherice P 10:00 being coachable engage w/customers and coaches, recruit 80% of the time BB_091012.mp3
Alli Vaughn Muffy Graham 10:50 Staying with it/knowing your why There are ups and downs but you have to keep your focus and take leaps of faith
Robert Hudgens, Susan Hobbs sherice p 10:17 Team cup Keeping momentum from summer into fall, BB_082712.mp3
Mike Ryan and Jeff Armbruster crystal Milligan Building Team Leaders leadership Building relationships, being coachable, how to add value to people, 80% of time is done recruiting, take aways personal relationships = foundation of business, use BB as preventative health care
Lindsay Matway and Chris Balmert Dana Roden 0:28:45 Starting your new coaches right Find out what they want from the business (dig deep) and why, what motivates them (personality), get them on the phone ASAP and use the call to talk and set goals. Set up an apprentice group or new coach camp to build confidence in both you and the business
Scottie Hobbs and David Ingram Elizabeth L. 12:25 3 Vital Behaviors, Managing Your Time, To Do List Using your time efficiently by listening to personal development, connecting with people through video, keeping a schedule in your phone or written in a planner
Lauren Knight and Bob Lucido Melanie W.
Melissa McAllister and Danielle Hinson Sherice P 11:03 growing your network, inviting, approaching people quickly So many must listen to it!! BB_072312.mp3
Annie French and Neil Koehler Jennifer Charpilloz
10:10 Inviting Do short, simple, personable invites. Find a need and fulfill it. Ask your doctor/other health professional their opinion. Give referrals in exchange for referrals (say your favorite hair salon)
Monica Hamaker Social Media attracting on social media Inspire, lead, and serve your followers with something you are passionate about, not necesarily beachbody but whatever your hobby is.
Sagi “The Body Beast™” Kalev Muffy Graham