Progress Not Perfection

I’m rounding the corner on 4 years of a new and healthier lifestyle. I’ll be honest. It’s been a bumpy journey. Never fully completeing programs. Never fully committing to a meal plan. Being wayyyy self conscious of my body that led me to a lot of “why bother” days, months, years. I knew working out made me feel better but I didn’t place myself as a high priority. I knew eating right overall helped with my digestive issues but I would emotionally eat my way through a Tuesday.
I thought if I could just stick to something. I was constantly reminded that my only saving grace was a team of clients and coaches that were in the trenches with me. Every good food choice was for them. Every time I got up and pushed play when I didn’t want to was in the hopes to inspire one of them to do the same. But inside I was up and down as my weight in these pictures.
At first I was really sad I didn’t have this slow PROGRESSION of perfecting this body so you could see this END RESULT that you might want to attain.
But then I realized it’s a hell of a lot more inspiring to see someone that NEVER GIVES UP – NEVER GIVES IN and KEEPS GOING!
Because without those “30-60-90 day transformation results” that I could have gotten if I followed the program like I would coach my clients to do I wouldn’t have grown into the more confident, secure, emotionally balanced mom I am right now. It took falling flat on my face EVERY SINGLE TIME so i could be the shoulder for that mom of 4 going on no sleep that just wants to curl up in the fetal position instead of do her workout.
Every time I ate a huge bowl of ice cream was a lesson in self-control that I didn’t quite have the knack for yet.
And each Monday morning I had to put on my sports bra and tight workout pants to take a progress photo was a reminder that I CAN DO HARD THINGS – and if I could inspire just ONE PERSON to do them with me then THAT IS WHO I’M DOING IT FOR.
Are you super sick and tired of starting over on Monday, next week, in the New Year or whatever bullshit deadline you say you’ll adhere to?
Do you need someone that’s been where you are?? Even just to chat?? I would love the chance to see if we could fit and be just the match up you need to make this year different. I can’t promise rock hard abs or iron strong willpower. But I can promise friendship, a new healthy group of men/women to help you throught this, nutrition planning, 30 days of healthy meals delivered to your door, workouts you can do from anywhere, and a whole new outlook on where your life can be in the next 30 days, 6 months, 2 years.
You can message me privately or email if you are that one person I’m talking to ❤

Want to workout and get paid?

Does that grab your attention?


Now don’t discount me here! I know USUALLY I’m boasting about how that’s basically what I do..  workout, get money, workout, get money.

But this time it’s DIFFERENT!! I do that as a coach. What if JUST working out 3 times a week, drinking a shake 5 times a week and sharing it in a private app on your phone meant you could win a piece of $1 MILLION DOLLARS!!??
NEXT MONTH we’re going to make a bet with YOU. Join me and get a workout, meal plan, and more based on your goals. YOU try it out and either get an incredible transformation in 4 weeks and get a cut from a $1-3 million pot — OR return your program and still get a cut from the pot for logging…
Still have your attention? 🌟

We’re starting the first ever HEALTH BET.
$1 million is being put in a pot (capping at $3 million) and will be SPLIT between anyone who logs their (3/week) workouts & (5/week)Shakeology for 4 weeks in our new Challenge Tracker App!
LOG your workouts… DRINK your Shakeology… TAKE a picture… and GET PAID!
There is NO catch.
No tricks.
No games… I will personally guide you every step of the way and set you up with a personalized plan that will get you the results you want!
What do you have to lose OTHER than that weight? 🙂

**no coaches please**

The P90X I’m Not Getting Bupkis ‪#‎FITMAS‬ Merry & Bright GIVEAWAY !

The P90X I’m Not Getting Bupkis ‪#‎FITMAS‬ Merry & Bright GIVEAWAY !
Summer bodies are built in the winter! Lets get you Bikini Body Ready with a full 90 day training program, nutritional meal plan, and support!!

p90x bupkis giveawayIt means the world to have such an incredible family of go getters around me everyday to connect with on social media ! This fit fam of amazing people has grown significantly over the past 3 years and you all inspire me on a daily basis!! I thought, what better way to show my appreciation for you all than GIFTS!!! 

———I’m hosting 2 separate Giveaways———
The 1st prize winner will receive the following : 
– The FULL P90X workout Program
– 5 Day Inferno Slim down Plan
– P90X guide and workout schedule 
– Fixate recipe book & Containers
– Free access to my Transform Your Health online academy
– Measurement Tools and Trackers 
– My personal supplement choices and ‪#‎thep90xfitmasgiveaway‬ Shaker Cup
My 2nd prize winner (for allowing me to tag them in the picture) will receive the following:
– Bath & Body Works Lemonade Fizz body lotion & spray
– 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse 
– Yogi Lemon Detox Tea
– Beachbody performance supplement choices
– Beauty samples and a few extra goodies!

Be sure to FOLLOW ALL THE RULES so you can win!! The Contest starts NOW and runs until Thursday, December 17th at MIDNIGHT, the winners will be chosen at random and be announced on December 18th ! 
The Contest is open to US and Canada only. You cannot be a Beachbody Coach or working with one. And you must be 18 years of age or older! make sure your account is public so I can see your post!
1. Be sure to Follow me!! @shakomomma on Instagram and/or Facebook
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4. Tag 3 awesome friends in the comments below this post to be entered to win! 
GOOD LUCK ! Can’t Wait to announce the winner!!! xo

For an extra entry or free Shakeology sample fill out this quick survey

Earn While You Burn Challenge


earn while you burn challenge

Ok, ok…serious question. If someone paid you, let’s say $500 a month to workout, eat at least one healthy meal a day, and share your journey with others…would you do it?

What if I could show you how to earn that $500 or more to pay off all of your debt and buy a new home by sharing your fitness journey with others?

I’m starting a new #girlboss empire that empowers women to get fit and earn a side income while they get healthy for a living. I can mentor and teach you, how to create an income from home as a health and wellness coach while you work on your own fitness.

-Are you looking to live in your dream home?

-Trying to get rid of that last few stubborn pounds?

-Do you want to pay off your debt and save for a down payment on your home?

-Want to create a savings or nest egg for your new life?

-Do you have a fitness goal?

-Want to earn money for a vacation?

-Have you always wanted to be your own boss, but don’t know where to start?

Now accepting applications for SERIOUS women who want to create their own income from home and get mentorship to be successful in both fitness and finances.


Comment below “I applied” and I will follow up with you

Tag or Share this with someone you know that wants to get fit or earn money!

#woulditbeworthit #motivationtoearnwhileyouburn

Back to School 2015 and my new momma secret weapon

Wow our summer went by in a flash. I will be the first to tell you I struggled on most summer days just to get something on the dinner table. I sometimes counted pool time as a bath. (I also counted swimming in the ocean. Or when the kids spilled water/milk/juice on any portion of their bodies). I knew summer would be a challenge – but I had no idea they would work so well together as a team or that I would be the enemy. But 13 is just old enough to know that you aren’t perfect, to map your weaknesses and plot your downfall. And 8 is just old enough to help execute secret missions yet look too young and cute to be guilty. 5 is smart enough to know he can get away with anything as long as the evidence portrays 13 as the brains and 8 as the foot soldier. Normally at least 3 weeks prior I’m pulling my hair out and can’t wait for school to start but this year caught me off guard and kind of not ready to let my baby birds go even with all the rukkus, bickering, and outlandish mess! But only because of my SUMMERTIME TURNED ALL YEAR ROUND SECRET WEAPON! More on that later!

We had a fun-packed summer but like I said it left me wayyy of track with my eating and my workouts when they were completed fully in one session were, well, lackluster. So I’m really excited to get back on a routine and start prepping my meals again. I’m hosting a free meal prep class on the 24th-27th with a live show from my kitchen on the 28th if it’s something you’ve been thinking about trying to do for yourself! I’m providing all my free tips & advice, recipes, and shopping lists! You can join the event HERE or if you missed this one take this quick survey to get your name on the waiting list and receive info on the next one.

5 day meal prep


But the kids are why you’re here so I bring you: Teacher Survival Kits!! I am most often a very unoriginal teacher gift giver. It’s usually last minute even though I literally think of it almost daily instead of just writing it down in one of my shopping lists. I can almost guarantee every teacher we’ve ever had has received a starbucks card with either a coffee mug, tea infuser, or travel mug and a book. Like every. single. teacher. And, I am also aware it’s probably the most gifted items and every teacher each year probably has to offload last years coffee mugs to make room for the new ones. So this year I knew for a fact I was going to figure out something really cute to make their day! Teachers are one of those under-appreciated professions that WE ALL need to be more supportive and thankful for. A lot of these teachers are spending their own money to get our kids what they need in the classroom, are grading papers at night instead of enjoying their evening off, create special events and activities each day to make our children feel loved and admired, and not to forget they are nurses, caregivers, police officers, moms, dads, referees, and have the job of turning our summertime monsters into law-abiding citizens once again.


I filled this years batch with:
Advil liquid gels
Mini Lint Roller
Bath & Body Hand Sanitizer
EmergenC packets
Shakeology Packet
EOS Lip Balm
Nail File
Chamomile Hand Cream
Wisp Disposable Toothbrushes
Listerine breath strips
Tide To Go Pen
Shout wipes
2 Sustain Drink Mix packets
2 Lipton Tea Mix packets

I hope the teachers like them as much as I had fun making them! Madi refused to let me make one for her homeroom teacher this year! Maybe I’ll sneak one in myself. What teacher would not want this convenience and instant quick fix pack!? Hehehe

They were a hit on my Facebook and Instagram page. So much so that Madi might make them ahead of time next year to sell 😉 so get on the list early 😉 Otherwise, email me at or tag me on Facebook with your version and I’ll feature you in my 2016 Back to School post! If you do it this year do the same and I’ll shout you out on my fit mom page!

Now, if you’re still with me it’s because YOU want my SUMMERTIME SECRET WEAPON! This is complete brilliance I promise you that!! So you know how I mentioned the bickering, plotting, crying, arguing, mess making that ensued this summer? Ok, well I don’t know how it came upon me but this summer anytime there were any parties involved in any of the above they were immediately assigned a quick household chore.

Crying? Go take out the trash.

Fighting? Each pick a bathroom and wipe down the mirror and countertops.

Make a mess on the kitchen table and don’t clean it up? Go fold a load of laundry. Oh, and while you’re there, put one in.

Forgot to empty the dishwasher (as your regular household chore)? Ok, be sure to load it back up when you’re done with all the dirty dishes in the sink – absolute teen girl HORROR!

The list goes on and on. I won’t. But, I will say I have the cleanest windowsills, refrigerator drawers, baseboards, toilets, and laundry sorted than I have in YEARS!!! I grew up with what I thought was too many chores but as it turns out there is no such thing. I’ve been way too easy on my kids for way too long and that ended THIS YEAR. On Friday I’m dropping free downloads for chore charts under Freebie Friday so check back this week to get yours along with my complete tutorial on how to set up a system you will stick with AND prepare the kids so that it’s an automatic adjustment and not one that creates more stress or torment in your life!! ❤

Healthy mommas. Happy mommas.

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