Have you ever wanted more purpose in life?

After spending time in Morro Bay withTom and the boys a couple weeks ago I couldn’t help but make this #throwbackthursday different and special. I went back to the last time we spent the day there with the whole family and had to search high and low for that pic on the left. I finally found it in a 2009 file inside another file from my old LG phone (along with some crazy cute ones I can use as high school and college blackmail hehe😈).
That picture is of Madison, Will and I. I was pregnant with Aden. It was in one of the darkest times of my life but I hid it well with a smile. I knew this picture could be seen as true happiness because I knew how to hide my pain and depression but I didn’t know how damaging it could be to not face my demons and let them reside in my mind and in my heart.

The pic on the right is in the same spot but with Will and Aden. And, with me as a whole new person I never knew existed. A better mom, friend, partner, and now a coach that reaches out to men and women who feel the way I did back in 2009. Lost, hurt, unsure of my future, and unable to ask for help.
If you look at these pictures separately you wouldn’t notice a difference. If you look at them side by side it’s so glaringly obvious. The smile says everything to me. My posture, my confidence, my knowing that while my journey in the last three years was far from simple it was absolutely worth it and I would do it again 10 times over if I had to just to be where I am today.
The moral here folks is don’t prejudge a book by it’s cover. Don’t think just because someone wears a smile that they have true happiness in their life.
You never know what a person’s going through. You never know their story unless you ask. You never know how much you can change a persons life just by reaching out and saying hello.
If you need help I CAN HELP. Let’s find your true happiness and true smile my friend. The period of suffering is over. Message me today and let’s chat.
And in the same way my mind, body, soul has transformed I’m spending the next 3 months focusing as hard on my business as I have on my health and would love to have that chat if you’d like to know how the personal accountability has helped me persevere and want to know more about joining my #shinebrighttribe of coaches!!

Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

Real talk:

It was SO EASY for me to use the excuse of “loving mother and partner” to let myself go.

To eat whatever the F I wanted to, neglect myself and not workout.

It was once I realized that if I wasn’t truly happy, I was doing a disservice to my own family for just being “there” and not actually enjoying the time spent with them.

Just going through the motions…

Once I started to work on myself, little by little, day by day, I was able to not only lose a bunch of unwanted and unhealthy pounds, but I was able to GAIN a life back that I honestly never thought I even had – or let alone experienced 💕.

You’ve got to step outside your comfort zone. That’s when change can happen and you can overcome obstacles you never thought you could. #TransformationTuesday

My next weight loss/fitness group starts August 15th!!! I’m taking last minute sign ups to join in on the fun and support! 🤗💪🏼😊 


Email me at: shakomomma@gmail.com with the subject: 👙Aug 15th Shine Bright Swag☀️ and lets do this together! 


Please note this is only for NEW clients only and for those that are NOT working with a Beachbody Coach and are not coaches themselves

Reset your limiting beliefs

aden firetruck
Aside from my adorable baby boy and his sleepy grin from waking up too early I want to talk to you about something.
We all have them. There is something you tell yourself you can’t do or aren’t able if not daily at least more times than you can count.
I don’t know ALL of my limiting beliefs and one by one over the last 3 years I have erased MOST of them. Things put on me by elders, teachers, coaches, friends, family, etc. But one I caught today after I drew this fire truck (and if you saw yesterday’s police car) both drawn by me.  I realized I have said my entire life “I can’t draw.”
Why, when, where, who, or how did I ever come to the conclusion? Did someone tease me at some point? Did I get lower grades on art projects? Did I compare myself to others that “could” draw? I have no idea. But why as an adult to we say “I can’t ____.” to anything? The human race has proved that in each of us is a spectacular chemistry of DNA that will NEVER be seen again. So WHY IN THE WORLD to we limit ourselves with what we THINK we can or cannot do??
I don’t know all the answers but looking at this fire truck that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I think I can draw. ❤
I challenge you today to think of 1 thing you tell yourself you cannot do.
“I can’t get up early.”
“I can’t do 5 pull ups.”
“I can’t cook.”
“I can’t drive a stick.”
“I can’t work the TV remote.”
Whatever it is that your internal dialogue is telling you that you can’t do. And do it. You’ll probably suck. You’ll probably fail. But keep doing it. Aden has gone to school with The Incredible Hulk and a pea sized head, a sailboat that looked like a wedge of cheesy in dirty dish water, and this fire truck. And this momma will never say “I can’t ___.” ever again. ❤

blessed beyond belief

blessed beyond belief****S H A R I N G my H E A R T****

As I approach my 3rd year as a health coach, I can’t help but think of how MUCH has changed by that one leap of faith.
Spiritually. . .


I try my best to share why I think the coaching opportunity is such a GIFT; especially if you are looking at this from a BUSINESS perspective. Why let someone else decide what you are WORTH per HOUR? If you would have told me a few years back that I could make in one hour what used to take me 3-4 serving shifts at my high end restaurant job I wouldn’t have believed you. I’m just an ordinary girl. No special talents. I’ve failed at every single thing I’ve ever attempted in my life. Being the underdog is my comfort zone. I’m an introvert. And, I’ve always been terrible with numbers.

But this past month has been a great example of the power of duplication and how earning potential and the CULTURE of our Team leads to solid income.
-We don’t post links.
-We don’t “sell.”
-We work hard to share our TESTIMONY and are true believers that income, rank and success are natural byproducts when you SERVE others rather than SELL products.

–> It’s certainly not the “only” way or the most “popular” way, but it’s OUR way. And it WORKS. <—
The end of July and beginning of August was a BUSY week for our family…

-Aden’s birthday.
-Back to School prep and shopping.
-Tom having a jam packed work schedule.
-Catching up on summer work.
-Heading off for those final summertime excursions

Our accountability and coach training groups were in HIGH gear and LIVES were changing.
Our Team was EXPLODING with growth. Woman and men who saw the potential and who knew that short term sacrifice would lead to long term gain.
Coaches were growing families, pursuing their passions and serving others.
And because of THIS Team effort, incomes continued to grow.

Coaches came HOME to their families.

Mortgages, utilities, car payments, debt, savings and vacations were continuing to be funded by the PASSION of this Team.

— And, I earned my paycheck that if you equated it to a “per hour” scale (and I don’t want to rub anyone the wrong way but if you’re reading this, you know my heart). In that one hours worth of work (I could squeeze in for the week) I got paid $683.00 within that ONE, incredibly busy family week. It’s not the biggest check I’ve ever received as a coach but it was the MOST money I’ve ever earned in one hours time! And that’s not to say I don’t work more than that on an average #coachlife week but, where can you decide to make your own schedule everyday and earn an income whether you are present or not!?

It may be a LOT to some, and little to others…but to ME it was a TRUE representation that I’m building something I can do even while:

I stay true to OUR values.
I am home with ALL my children.
I am able to continue to contribute to OUR personal family goals and activities.
And that you CAN build, and earn and serve others all while being completely in charge of your own schedule and activities!
Next week I will begin searching for a new group of coach interns and I’d love to answer ALL your Questions about Coaching. You will also have access to all of my personal experiences as a Coach and while this is NOT an overnight success business nor a posting links marketing company…
It will require hard work and resiliency.
Dedication and selflessness.
And staying true to the culture of OUR Team.
BUT, if you’ve been seeking a change in life, coaching can be anything YOU want it to be. You set the pace and I will match your speed.

Please fill out the contact info below or email me at shakomomma@gmail.com to be added to my exclusive Sneak Peek call tonight. This for people who have BIG DREAMS and want to be part of something that has the potential to CHANGE EVERYTHING…even while off the grid in a bounce house at their child’s 5th birthday party.  😉

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Back to School 2015 and my new momma secret weapon

Wow our summer went by in a flash. I will be the first to tell you I struggled on most summer days just to get something on the dinner table. I sometimes counted pool time as a bath. (I also counted swimming in the ocean. Or when the kids spilled water/milk/juice on any portion of their bodies). I knew summer would be a challenge – but I had no idea they would work so well together as a team or that I would be the enemy. But 13 is just old enough to know that you aren’t perfect, to map your weaknesses and plot your downfall. And 8 is just old enough to help execute secret missions yet look too young and cute to be guilty. 5 is smart enough to know he can get away with anything as long as the evidence portrays 13 as the brains and 8 as the foot soldier. Normally at least 3 weeks prior I’m pulling my hair out and can’t wait for school to start but this year caught me off guard and kind of not ready to let my baby birds go even with all the rukkus, bickering, and outlandish mess! But only because of my SUMMERTIME TURNED ALL YEAR ROUND SECRET WEAPON! More on that later!

We had a fun-packed summer but like I said it left me wayyy of track with my eating and my workouts when they were completed fully in one session were, well, lackluster. So I’m really excited to get back on a routine and start prepping my meals again. I’m hosting a free meal prep class on the 24th-27th with a live show from my kitchen on the 28th if it’s something you’ve been thinking about trying to do for yourself! I’m providing all my free tips & advice, recipes, and shopping lists! You can join the event HERE or if you missed this one take this quick survey to get your name on the waiting list and receive info on the next one.

5 day meal prep


But the kids are why you’re here so I bring you: Teacher Survival Kits!! I am most often a very unoriginal teacher gift giver. It’s usually last minute even though I literally think of it almost daily instead of just writing it down in one of my shopping lists. I can almost guarantee every teacher we’ve ever had has received a starbucks card with either a coffee mug, tea infuser, or travel mug and a book. Like every. single. teacher. And, I am also aware it’s probably the most gifted items and every teacher each year probably has to offload last years coffee mugs to make room for the new ones. So this year I knew for a fact I was going to figure out something really cute to make their day! Teachers are one of those under-appreciated professions that WE ALL need to be more supportive and thankful for. A lot of these teachers are spending their own money to get our kids what they need in the classroom, are grading papers at night instead of enjoying their evening off, create special events and activities each day to make our children feel loved and admired, and not to forget they are nurses, caregivers, police officers, moms, dads, referees, and have the job of turning our summertime monsters into law-abiding citizens once again.


I filled this years batch with:
Advil liquid gels
Mini Lint Roller
Bath & Body Hand Sanitizer
EmergenC packets
Shakeology Packet
EOS Lip Balm
Nail File
Chamomile Hand Cream
Wisp Disposable Toothbrushes
Listerine breath strips
Tide To Go Pen
Shout wipes
2 Sustain Drink Mix packets
2 Lipton Tea Mix packets

I hope the teachers like them as much as I had fun making them! Madi refused to let me make one for her homeroom teacher this year! Maybe I’ll sneak one in myself. What teacher would not want this convenience and instant quick fix pack!? Hehehe

They were a hit on my Facebook and Instagram page. So much so that Madi might make them ahead of time next year to sell 😉 so get on the list early 😉 Otherwise, email me at shakomomma@gmail.com or tag me on Facebook with your version and I’ll feature you in my 2016 Back to School post! If you do it this year do the same and I’ll shout you out on my fit mom page!

Now, if you’re still with me it’s because YOU want my SUMMERTIME SECRET WEAPON! This is complete brilliance I promise you that!! So you know how I mentioned the bickering, plotting, crying, arguing, mess making that ensued this summer? Ok, well I don’t know how it came upon me but this summer anytime there were any parties involved in any of the above they were immediately assigned a quick household chore.

Crying? Go take out the trash.

Fighting? Each pick a bathroom and wipe down the mirror and countertops.

Make a mess on the kitchen table and don’t clean it up? Go fold a load of laundry. Oh, and while you’re there, put one in.

Forgot to empty the dishwasher (as your regular household chore)? Ok, be sure to load it back up when you’re done with all the dirty dishes in the sink – absolute teen girl HORROR!

The list goes on and on. I won’t. But, I will say I have the cleanest windowsills, refrigerator drawers, baseboards, toilets, and laundry sorted than I have in YEARS!!! I grew up with what I thought was too many chores but as it turns out there is no such thing. I’ve been way too easy on my kids for way too long and that ended THIS YEAR. On Friday I’m dropping free downloads for chore charts under Freebie Friday so check back this week to get yours along with my complete tutorial on how to set up a system you will stick with AND prepare the kids so that it’s an automatic adjustment and not one that creates more stress or torment in your life!! ❤

Healthy mommas. Happy mommas.

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5 Tips for Busy Moms

The busier more hectic our schedules, the harder we are on ourselves. You can age yourself 5 years in 12 months of not taking care of your #1 priority: YOU.
I know mom’s say and make their families their #1 but you can’t take care of them as well if there is less of you available and present.
SHARE THIS BLOG POST: 5 tips for your momma friends and leave your best tip in the comments!!


tips for busy moms


Healthy Families

Words Of Encouragement

This is an inspirational story that any parent should read…

One of the best benefits of learning how to eat to fuel my body, as a mom, was learning what a healthy plate looks like. At Tony Horton Fitness Camps in the days of old, Tony used to talk about the important fuels for your body: lean protein, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

FamilyWhen we first started on this health and fitness journey, I cleaned out all my cupboards and fridge of the bad stuff that I’d allowed to creep in, and replaced it with the healthy stuff listed in my new food journal provided with the Team Beachbody Club. That was a big deal for me, because it was a commitment with my pocketbook! I used the expression “Say no to yourself once: at the grocery store!” that I’d learned from another member in my Beachbody Challenge Group. That saying made sense to me, and I wanted to teach my kids the same thing. Rather than me having m&m’s in a bag that they ask me for 10 times throughout the day, not even having them on the shelves was a few less “no”’s I had to tell my kids. It helped me get creative in making the snacks fun, and the meals tasty!

My kids really resisted at first. Well, the older ones. They were grumpy that the junk food they’d grown accustomed to were no longer an option. Oh, I’m all about moderation, and they still had desserts, and sweet foods, but I changed their options for the more healthy counterparts: Fat free yogurt instead of go-gurts, lime Perrier (“bubble water”) in place of soda, thin crust, light cheese & veggie pizza instead of the thick crust, oozing cheese pepperoni pizza’s of old. We had tons of different fruits, and instead of calorie laden casserole’s we had grilled chicken, lots of veggies and instead of white rice, we had whole grain rice and quinoa and bulgar. Havent tried em? Neither had I until I found the Beachbody Club and then I was hooked on these new flavors! In fact, my kids actually (and this is the truth!) used to say “Brussel Sprouts? Yay! Thanks Mom!” It sounds so fake and cheeseball, but they really love brussel sprouts – a veggie I’d never made before then. Because the truth is, healthy foods DO taste good, and its possible to re-train our habits and taste buds.

Oh, we still have soda, and ice cream every now and again, just not every day or week, and you know what? My kids are healthy, strong, and adjusted. So be encouraged if you are just starting on your journey to a healthier family – with time and consistency, and open, honest communication, ie: “I cant in good conscience give to you what I know now to be so unhealthy for you, son.” your kids WILL adjust and when they’re adults they’ll thank you. When they do, you can pat yourself on the back knowing you did the hard, but right thing by your family.