It’s not to late to shine in 2017

10 habits

A new month coming up means a new opt-in gift for email sign-ups. Yesterday I built a PDF that I’ve named “10 Habits that will Change Your Life!” but since you are already signed up I wanted to make sure and send it your way, in case you A: want to check out my mad-skills with a PDF or B: you’re curious what those 10 habits might be. You can download it by clicking this link:

10 habits that will change your life

Time to Shine…

If you’ve been following me on social media then you’ve probably seen me talking non-stop about our 21 Day Challenge we just completed!  Me & all of my current BOD babes kicked off today but I’m looking for another 10 women who are looking to stay on track and create results through the END OF THE YEAR with me 🔥💪🏻 We will still be enjoying the Holidays and a treat here and there while we create lasting results 🙌🏻 Let me help you and provide you with all the tools I use daily 👉🏻 30 minute at home workouts, daily superfoods, my complete meal plan, daily accountability, coaching through our online support group (it’s an app on your phone) and best of the before/afters wins a pair of Nikes! 👯‍♀️❤️ And a shit ton of other tools like how to detox your home, organize your life, and other basassery to help YOU create your own lifestyle transformation. CLICK THIS LINK to start your invitation process 💌 So stoked to get you started and hear all about your goals 😘😘 We’re getting ALL the things in order for the new year!

We’re not supposed to have rolls when we sit or turn to the side….

We’re not supposed to have forehead wrinkles when we smile. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We’re not supposed to have saggy skin that hangs over our shorts after having babies. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We’re not supposed to be — too fat. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We’re not supposed to be — too skinny. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We’re not supposed to be — too muscular. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We’re not supposed to “need” a glass of wine at the end of the day. 🤷🏼‍♀️


We’re supposed to talk like a lady. 🤦🏼‍♀️
We’re supposed to sit like a lady. 💃🏼
We’re supposed to be ‘sag’ free. 😭
We’re supposed to be cellulite free. 🙊

🙄Blah. 🙄Blah. 🙄Freaking blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Here’s the thing.

Body shaming is so passé. For real. LAME AF. 🦄

2017 is a year of starting OVER. It’s a year to RELEASE what doesn’t serve us.

Body shaming (from others AND ourselves) isn’t serving us so…BYEEEEEEEEE GIRLLLLL buh-bye 👋🏼.

I see you working.



Because you need to take the stress out of life. When we let go of the stress, our bodies don’t freak out. No more anxiety. No more cortisol. Better sleep. Full body release.

So pinky promise me. No more shaming ourselves if we have pasta on date night. When your body is FEELING good, it doesn’t want to hold on to the weight.

Balance, yo. Balance. Believer me. I’m just now getting to it too. ✌🏼#letitgo

Progress Not Perfection

I’m rounding the corner on 4 years of a new and healthier lifestyle. I’ll be honest. It’s been a bumpy journey. Never fully completeing programs. Never fully committing to a meal plan. Being wayyyy self conscious of my body that led me to a lot of “why bother” days, months, years. I knew working out made me feel better but I didn’t place myself as a high priority. I knew eating right overall helped with my digestive issues but I would emotionally eat my way through a Tuesday.
I thought if I could just stick to something. I was constantly reminded that my only saving grace was a team of clients and coaches that were in the trenches with me. Every good food choice was for them. Every time I got up and pushed play when I didn’t want to was in the hopes to inspire one of them to do the same. But inside I was up and down as my weight in these pictures.
At first I was really sad I didn’t have this slow PROGRESSION of perfecting this body so you could see this END RESULT that you might want to attain.
But then I realized it’s a hell of a lot more inspiring to see someone that NEVER GIVES UP – NEVER GIVES IN and KEEPS GOING!
Because without those “30-60-90 day transformation results” that I could have gotten if I followed the program like I would coach my clients to do I wouldn’t have grown into the more confident, secure, emotionally balanced mom I am right now. It took falling flat on my face EVERY SINGLE TIME so i could be the shoulder for that mom of 4 going on no sleep that just wants to curl up in the fetal position instead of do her workout.
Every time I ate a huge bowl of ice cream was a lesson in self-control that I didn’t quite have the knack for yet.
And each Monday morning I had to put on my sports bra and tight workout pants to take a progress photo was a reminder that I CAN DO HARD THINGS – and if I could inspire just ONE PERSON to do them with me then THAT IS WHO I’M DOING IT FOR.
Are you super sick and tired of starting over on Monday, next week, in the New Year or whatever bullshit deadline you say you’ll adhere to?
Do you need someone that’s been where you are?? Even just to chat?? I would love the chance to see if we could fit and be just the match up you need to make this year different. I can’t promise rock hard abs or iron strong willpower. But I can promise friendship, a new healthy group of men/women to help you throught this, nutrition planning, 30 days of healthy meals delivered to your door, workouts you can do from anywhere, and a whole new outlook on where your life can be in the next 30 days, 6 months, 2 years.
You can message me privately or email if you are that one person I’m talking to ❤

Want to workout and get paid?

Does that grab your attention?


Now don’t discount me here! I know USUALLY I’m boasting about how that’s basically what I do..  workout, get money, workout, get money.

But this time it’s DIFFERENT!! I do that as a coach. What if JUST working out 3 times a week, drinking a shake 5 times a week and sharing it in a private app on your phone meant you could win a piece of $1 MILLION DOLLARS!!??
NEXT MONTH we’re going to make a bet with YOU. Join me and get a workout, meal plan, and more based on your goals. YOU try it out and either get an incredible transformation in 4 weeks and get a cut from a $1-3 million pot — OR return your program and still get a cut from the pot for logging…
Still have your attention? 🌟

We’re starting the first ever HEALTH BET.
$1 million is being put in a pot (capping at $3 million) and will be SPLIT between anyone who logs their (3/week) workouts & (5/week)Shakeology for 4 weeks in our new Challenge Tracker App!
LOG your workouts… DRINK your Shakeology… TAKE a picture… and GET PAID!
There is NO catch.
No tricks.
No games… I will personally guide you every step of the way and set you up with a personalized plan that will get you the results you want!
What do you have to lose OTHER than that weight? 🙂

**no coaches please**

Have you ever wanted more purpose in life?

After spending time in Morro Bay withTom and the boys a couple weeks ago I couldn’t help but make this #throwbackthursday different and special. I went back to the last time we spent the day there with the whole family and had to search high and low for that pic on the left. I finally found it in a 2009 file inside another file from my old LG phone (along with some crazy cute ones I can use as high school and college blackmail hehe😈).
That picture is of Madison, Will and I. I was pregnant with Aden. It was in one of the darkest times of my life but I hid it well with a smile. I knew this picture could be seen as true happiness because I knew how to hide my pain and depression but I didn’t know how damaging it could be to not face my demons and let them reside in my mind and in my heart.

The pic on the right is in the same spot but with Will and Aden. And, with me as a whole new person I never knew existed. A better mom, friend, partner, and now a coach that reaches out to men and women who feel the way I did back in 2009. Lost, hurt, unsure of my future, and unable to ask for help.
If you look at these pictures separately you wouldn’t notice a difference. If you look at them side by side it’s so glaringly obvious. The smile says everything to me. My posture, my confidence, my knowing that while my journey in the last three years was far from simple it was absolutely worth it and I would do it again 10 times over if I had to just to be where I am today.
The moral here folks is don’t prejudge a book by it’s cover. Don’t think just because someone wears a smile that they have true happiness in their life.
You never know what a person’s going through. You never know their story unless you ask. You never know how much you can change a persons life just by reaching out and saying hello.
If you need help I CAN HELP. Let’s find your true happiness and true smile my friend. The period of suffering is over. Message me today and let’s chat.
And in the same way my mind, body, soul has transformed I’m spending the next 3 months focusing as hard on my business as I have on my health and would love to have that chat if you’d like to know how the personal accountability has helped me persevere and want to know more about joining my #shinebrighttribe of coaches!!

Going once, Going twice!

This is it!

It’s decision time, are you in or are you out?

It’s probably time to change the subject over here to other important topics like: which yoga pants flatter your assets best, how to eat donuts and not gain weight, or how to get pesky dog hair off of your hardwood floors (I’ll give you a hint, it’s a robot vacuum!)

BUT!! If you’re finally ready to transform your life and find out how you can generate profits, connect with others and save you the stress of checking your bank balance….  
I am personally inviting you to join my team #shinebrighttribe and we are hosting our uber popular FREE SNEAK PEEK LIVE EVENT on August 9th!!
Our goal is to help you make an INFORMED decision about whether health coaching and working from home is right for you! You’ll learn how to take the things you’re already passionate about it, pair them with service, add a side of hustle to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.
Q: Do you have to attend at the time of the event?
A: No, this event will stay live and there will be a recording for you to review the infoQ: Are there requirements or do I have to join ANOTHER group?
A: Nope, everything will happen right here on this event pageQ: Do I have to be at my goal weight?
A: No you don’t have to be – but if you have 6-pack abs it sure doesn’t hurt 😉

Here’s what you need to do:

How to get out of a funk – My top tips for how I handle my own ups and downs


Ever have days you feel defeated? I mean, of course you do. I just don’t know how to open this convo haha Gaaaahhhhhhhd this is the kind of stuff that I just feel sick to my stomach about sharing. But then after I get myself out of the funk I know that if I share it and I can help ONE person turn their day, week, life around then it was worth this moment of uncomfortable nausea I feel as I type.

Feb 2016 July 2016 2nd try 1810
Even snapchat couldn’t cheer me up 😉

I read something a friend wrote the other day and she said “people are strange…they are constantly outraged by the minuscule but when it comes to big matters, like wasting their entire life, they hardly seem to notice”
And don’t get me wrong!! this is not a woe is me, feel bad for Tawnya post!! I am sooooo freaking lucky and blessed. I have ZERO reason to stress, worry, be consumed by the negative, nothing. BUT, I’m human. We have a baseline of emotion and daily (mostly by choice) we are either way high, close to, or way low of that baseline. You don’t want to live flat line and you don’t want to live in the extreme.
So yesterday I hit a few roadblocks in my business, I tried some new ideas that failed, I waited all day for something that finally came then I had to leave 20 minutes after it got there, I had more to do in the amount of time I had to do them, I didn’t clean the house which means I woke up to a mess today, and then to top it all off this morning I took progress photos that look WORSE than my week 5 progress/results….. (insert ughs and eye rolls).

Feb 2016-June 2016 1481
8 week progress

My first thought was that as soon as I got the kids off to school I was just going to skip everything I had planned for today and curl up on the couch and turn on a movie. But I recognized that voice from years ago. It was a girl that used to be afraid to try anything or DO ANYTHING. I never tried out for sports because I was too nervous that I would fail and not be accepted on to the team. I never went out for drama class in case I froze and wasn’t given a part. I never finished any class I started in college because I felt like it didn’t make a difference. I didn’t try to make new friends because of how hurt I’d been over and over by old ones. I never asked for help because I felt like I wasn’t worth the burden to someone else.
It’s taken me 3 years to grow into someone I only used to dream of being. It’s taken me all this time to realize that it’s not immediate gratification that fulfills you. It’s not all the bright shiny objects that make your heart feel happy. It’s not a goal reached but the mountain you climbed that truly completes you. Good and bad days are all in how you perceive them and if I were to try I could turn every one of those negatives about yesterday and today into a positive. Which is exactly what I did. I got out a notepad and wrote down everything that was weighing me down between yesterday and today and came up with this…
I learned 3 new things I can teach other leaders on my team about our business, I can try and improve on the ideas I tried to execute that didn’t work so that I’m better next time, I sat and laughed with friends and business partners all over the country from my phone while I waited for the sun to come out then had a 20 minute peaceful stretch on an empty beach listening to the ocean, I checked 8 things off my list yesterday that are done and taken care of, my house is trashed today but by deciding to take action instead of curl up on the couch I can breeze through and get it put back together, and my progress photos that look WORSE than my week 5 progress/results will be a great way to share with potential coaches and clients as well as my ‪#‎shinebrighttribe‬ that we all face plant. It’s life. There is no ONE result or set of progress photos that determine my worth or the fact that I am a happy healthy momma that gets to stay home in my yoga pants, drink coffee, workout at home, go to the beach, not miss any school or sporting event, travel, be surrounded by amazing humans, share my life and times with all of you, and be financially independent.. No boss, no time clock, no one telling me where or when to be.
After I made the list I felt so grateful for taking the time to assess what is really important. Choosing to see that in every mess we have the opportunity to share a message makes me feel like now I can climb that mountain. So I’m going to put Rhianna on, drink my pre-workout, breeze through this house like Mary Poppins, kill 22 minutes with Tony & a handful of marines in the garage, and wear a smile bigger than I’ve had in 2 days because of the healthy mindset and growth that the last 3 years as a Beachbody coach has brought me. When I think of all the ways and changes it’s not always personal development that comes to mind first but it’s definitely the foundation of my entire being and without that I would have quit this business 10 times over by now and would be STUCK wasting my life away wishing for, wanting more, and not truly enjoying anything life set in front of me.
So next time you feel defeated, ashamed, or just shitty… go turn the list around to see how you can put that list in a new light. If you need recommendations on books I’ve read or things I watch on personal development and growth let me know! I’d love to share!!
And, if you aren’t asleep yet thank you so much for reading along 😉 this was a hard post to put together for me but if it resonated with you at all then you’ve made it 100% worth doing.  Here’s how you can show that funk who’s boss: