Simple 7 Day Meal Prep and Shopping List

7 day clean eating

THIS IS HANDS DOWN THEE BEST PLAN I’VE EVER COME ACROSS!! Check it out then go to the printable link below! ❤

7 day clean eating MEAL PLAN

7 day clean eating SHOPPING LIST


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Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday

Real talk:

It was SO EASY for me to use the excuse of “loving mother and partner” to let myself go.

To eat whatever the F I wanted to, neglect myself and not workout.

It was once I realized that if I wasn’t truly happy, I was doing a disservice to my own family for just being “there” and not actually enjoying the time spent with them.

Just going through the motions…

Once I started to work on myself, little by little, day by day, I was able to not only lose a bunch of unwanted and unhealthy pounds, but I was able to GAIN a life back that I honestly never thought I even had – or let alone experienced 💕.

You’ve got to step outside your comfort zone. That’s when change can happen and you can overcome obstacles you never thought you could. #TransformationTuesday

My next weight loss/fitness group starts August 15th!!! I’m taking last minute sign ups to join in on the fun and support! 🤗💪🏼😊 


Email me at: with the subject: 👙Aug 15th Shine Bright Swag☀️ and lets do this together! 


Please note this is only for NEW clients only and for those that are NOT working with a Beachbody Coach and are not coaches themselves

21 Days to Lose Weight Fast

i want to be coached21 Days to Lose Weight FAST


I was 15 LBS overweight when I got started and ready for a change. But my biggest struggle was hating how I felt on the inside. I felt uncomfortable in clothes. I was tired all.the.time. and I caught myself always asking “is this it? you get old and this is how you feel?” Once I started doing my fitness program and changing the way I ate by following the eating plan that was all mapped out for me I started to shed lbs and make a change.


Okay so here is what I can offer you as a coach in your fitness journey:

when you join a challenge group with me you are going to get the absolute best value and experience! This is the full picture.

Its Fitness+nutrition+ support = success… You are going to get your 21 days fitness program that is proven to work (and you can roll into 42, 63 day, etc with a group of others who are going to be with you every step of the way. Our group is on the same mission as you are and the support will be priceless, a 30 day supply of a dense dose of daily nutrition packed with super foods which will help to clean out your body, a customizable meal plan, and of course me as your coach to guide you every single step of the way. Does this sound like something that could benefit you?

To get started towards 21 days of creating a lifestyle or if you want a FREE MEAL PLAN go to —->>>>

and answer my questions about your fitness goals, struggles, and more so I can get to know you a little better and help you succeed. You will be amazed what can happen in 21 days! ❤

Helping others achieve healthy, fulfilling lives.
|| Tawnya Jean ||
Virtual Coach, Cheerleader & Mentor


How to take your “Before and After” pictures and measurements

Don’t forget to take your “before” pictures and measurements, and record them before starting any new fitness or nutrition journey! I know it’s a rough thought maybe but you will want to have those photos to say HASTA LA VISTA BABY to that body!

It’s also extra accountability to share your pics/measurements with your coach and in the private challenge group you are taking part of! It’s amazing the willpower you will have when you’re pics are on the line!!

What to Wear:  Swimwear or tight fitting workout wear (sports bra and shorts). Show as much of your body as is comfortable. This is the best way to see the changes that are about to take place!

Where to Shoot: Have someone else take the photo for you with a digital camera is best but if you use a cell phone use video to screenshot or the timer to get the right poses. Take your photos in front of a plain background or white wall. The less clutter in the background, the more attention on you.

What to Shoot: You want to take a full front, full back, and side view. Make sure to include your face and don’t forget to smile! You can put your hands at your sides, on your hips, even flexing in the air with a twist in your abdomen! Just make sure that you have before/after photos in the same pose so you can accurately see your transformation! And don’t suck it in or push it out – Just be the REAL YOU!

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Don’t forget to take progress pictures too so you can see how far you’ve come!!


Join my 21 day fix challenge group

Ok, hi there, Coach Tawnya Jean wants to know –  If I could give you an easy to follow meal plan with portion control containers, 30 min workouts, and one-on-one daily support from ME with a program proven to get results, would you jump on it???

I am looking fo21 day fix perfect portionsr 10 men and women who have 10-25 lbs to lose. Do you want to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin? I am opening up a group specifically for BUSY PEOPLE — who need a quick at home solution with accountability and support of others who are on the same mission. I am looking for those who are serious about making a change in their eating & fitness and are seeking something with lasting results. You will be be provided a fitness program and follow a dialed in nutrition plan. There will be no guess work. And even wine and chocolate treats added in! I am shocked at how awesome this has been working for my current challengers!

Simply scroll down and answer my questions about your fitness goals, struggles, and more so I can get to know you a little better and help you succeed. You wil be amazed what can happen in 21 days! ❤


Free download:

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August Challenges Announced!



august challenge groups banner blog

————————————————————>>>> FREE Flat Belly Challenge is almost CLOSED

august challenge
get READY! And, YES it is FREE!
An organized plan using workouts you can do at home
Tips to help you get that flat belly
Daily Motivation
Healthy meal plan and recipe ideas
Discounts on my programs throughout the challenge
Opportunity to qualify for some GREAT prizes
A community of people to help encourage and support!
IT IS FREE to join and take the challenge! Want all of the details? Fill out this app: and request to JOIN our group. Share the app with your BFF’s who would want to do this with you!

————————————————————>>>> 2 week Girlboss Badass University

august challenge
Let’s see what would happen if you stop doubting your greatness and started living an awesome life!  For 2 weeks we will be committing to clean eating, exercise and personal development. Many of you know my new favorite book is You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.  Assignments in this group will be based on that book. If you’re interested in participating in the please fill out this application so I can learn more about you and see which program is right for you if you’re not sure. Starts date TBD.  Space is limited.

————————————————————>>>> 30-Day Cize Test Group

cize vip KIT icon
If you’re like me, your dance moves are a little rusty (unless you count lame 80s dance moves like running man, the sprinkler and cabbage patch). With Cize, Shaun T breaks the steps down into easy-to-follow and by the end of each workout you’ll put all the moves together into a full-blown dance routine.  It’s so much fun, it doesn’t feel like exercise!  Starts 8/17.  Space is limited so I can give each challenger personalized attention.





————————————————————>>>> You Pick Superfoods Smoothies

august challenges
Not sure if a 30 day challenge is right for you?  Select the “mini” challenge group with a 3, 4, or 5 day supply of my favorite treat Shakeology! Not quite ready for that, join the group for my Top 5 favorite fruit and green smoothies you can make with the ingredients you already have in the kitchen. Tentative start day late August. I’ll have more information and sign up coming soon…

 ————————————————————>>>> 4-Day OPEN HOUSE Glance Into Coaching

august challenge
“So, what the heck is this Beachbody Coaching thing?” That’s what I used to wonder. I was a big skeptic. Now, I feel BLESSED to have found a job that allows me to work out, set my own hours, be my own boss, connect with like-minded people on social media, and earn money while I’m at it. I couldn’t ask for a better job! My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.
I am going to be hosting a 4-Day OPEN HOUSE glance into Coaching Group that starts every Monday so that I can tell you exactly what coaching entails: time commitment, how coaches make money, what they do on a daily basis, and how they grow their business. I’ll cover it all! Comment below or fill out my quick fitness business interest survey at if you’re interested in joining me. There is no obligation at all – simply “lurk” if you’d like!

{{{For Coaches}}}
————————————————————>>>> New Coach Smart Start Training Group*

august challenges

Is health coaching right for you?  I’m looking for 5 self-motivated people I can mentor to help grow their own online fitness business to join a 30-Day Training Group.   I’m looking for moms especially who:
Enjoy helping and encouraging others
Have a passion for fitness (although you don’t have to be an expert- just willing to find out information when asked)
Are familiar with social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram)
Want to work from home and set their own hours
If you feel you meet the criteria above and would like to find out more about our coaching opportunities, fill out the quick application Our next coach training group starts 8/17.   Submit your application and I’ll respond within 24-48 hours.
Not sure if coaching is right for you?  Join our 4-Day Open House glance into Coaching group.

————————————————————>>>>  5-Day Social Media Crash Course

august challengesThis group is ideal for Beachbody coaches who would like to use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to generate leads or to learn how to use your social sharing branding more effectively. Apply HERE:



————————————————————>>>>  5-Day Clean Eating and Meal Plan/Prep Class

august challenges clean eatingAre you struggling with getting healthy meals on the table?  For five days in August, we will give tips, advice and handy tools for creating a menu plan.  On the last day, we will be doing meal prep.
So join me as I unlock a little mystery and share with you how I have come to love preparing my meals 3-5 days in advance. Details will be announced in the #shinebright Community on Facebook at  Tentative Start Date August 24th




*Space in some of our free groups is limited.  We will reserve spots for those who have purchased a challenge pack from one of our SHINEBRIGHT coaches in the past six months first.  Remaining spots will then be filled by those who have not yet tried one of our free challenges.  If space permits, we will fill any remaining spots with those who have done free challenge groups in the past.