Swap Your Snack Challenge

SWAP Your Snack Challenge! 👏 Getting the gift bags prepped and ready now to send out!!! 💌📬

🥜🍫Sooooo excited to announce something NEW!!! This is an idea I’ve had for a couple months now because I am such a Snack Bar LOVER (Clif Bar, Luna, RX Bar… you name it I love it 🙋‍♀️)

….and as summer gets closer and the schedule gets busier and busier, healthy snacks on-the-go are becoming more and more CLUTCH… so I’m excited to FINALLY launch it this month!! I’m calling it “Swap Your SNACK Week!” 🍯🍒

Starting May 28th, I will be hosting a 5 day “Swap Your Snack” challenge where we “healthify” our snack or breakfast each morning with a brand new gluten free, soy free snack instead!

Our goals would be to….

🍫Reduce our sugar intake throughout the day
🍫Ditch the mid-day crash or starvation mode that hits each day
🍫Kick the sugar cravings for something more satisfying
🍫Up our protein intake for the snack so we feel fuller longer
🍫Minimize the “grazing” or “snack binging” that happens to many of us
🍫Give our bodies some more natural focus early in the day
🍫Fuel ourselves with some great nutrition at the same time.

Cost is only $25, and you’ll receive 5 days worth of chocolate cherry and peanut butter chocolate superfood bars and a clean eating meal plan that I use for my nutrition each and every week!

I’ll be throwing in (as a free gift 🎁 ) a grocery shopping list to help you shop for breakfast lunch and dinner if you would like to go beyond health-ifying just your snacks.

Workouts are always optional for all participants but come FREE with the 5 day challenge as well!

Let’s ROCK the week together and this brand new challenge. Message me back for more info or send $25 through paypal HERE ☕️🍟😘❤️

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