never follow a diet again

In the past year I’ve tried a lot of diets 😅
vegan, paleo, iifym, clean eating, vegetarian…

But do you know what I realized
NONE of them did? 🤨

me mindset
Stop the restriction mindset.

And of course, my way of dealing with that restriction once I was done with that plan was to EAT ALL THE THINGS I “couldn’t have” while I was following it.

Up until last year I would never follow a meal plan that went along with my program because I knew something about myself. I knew if I told myself I “couldn’t have chocolate or cake, or chips” that I would immediately binge on those exact things because I wouldn’t stop thinking about them the moment I said I couldn’t have them. The whole reason behind me dieting started last year because I hated my body. I was working out religiously and wanted to lose weight and see my abs so I thought I should be strict with my food. Well, honestly it worked for a while 🤷‍♀️ my abs started to pop and I was leaner than I’d been since my 20’s so everything seemed to be worth it.


The past month all of a sudden everything became an issue. I was getting anxiety around food, I was obsessed with everything about my body, I never felt like I was doing enough, and I avoided situations where I wouldn’t be in control of what foods I was eating.

I can remember being 12 and binge eating ice cream in the freezer because I was depressed about my body compared to my naturally thin best friend.

I can remember being 8 and coping with having to stay at home alone a lot by eating 3 gigantic bowls of sugary cereal at a time.

I can remember 2 months ago inhaling half a bag of Trader Joe’s macadamia nuts because I just couldn’t stop.


But you 100% CAN fix them, you just have to find your happy balance. 😌💜 Why? Because when you start realizing what you need to do to stop restricting in the first place 👉🏼 you can heal yourself (the WHOLE PERSON) and not just the food.

So I reflected on the things that helped me take my own wellness back. And researched (AND FOUND) the framework for the ✨FREE 2B NEW MINDSET FOOD HACK✨ Challenge.

The idea is not to do one thing perfectly – like eat the most “clean,” perfect diet – but rather to take care of yourself and looking after your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health.

Right this minute you can find the four guiding principles to true food freedom:

a breakthrough approach to weightloss,

a new way to look at food groups,


And how to frame what you eat going forward so you never have to follow a diet again!

FREE 2B NEW MINDSET FOOD HACK✨ starts May 14th to teach you how to heal YOUR relationship with food — CLICK HERE!!! XO

2 thoughts on “never follow a diet again

  1. I’m currently doing weight watchers because it’s the only thing that has worked for me. However even after being able to have most foods in moderation, on the weekends I still binge more than I should. I also suffer with a food addiction which doesn’t help with my binging. I would love to hear how you have a HEALTHY relationship with food. That’s the only missing link in my weight loss journey


    • I completely came from a place you’re describing Ashley and really honestly feel like this new program has helped me course correct sooo many bad habits surrounding restriction! Are you on my email list? I’d love to chat with you!


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