The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – Day 16

Wanna get a kick in your step without the superpowers of caffeine? I’m learning a lot during this 21 days and had NO IDEA I could live without something as sacred as coffee but here I am day 16 no caffeine!! 🤯 I add 1 Tbsp. in 4 ounces of distilled water with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt first thing in the morning. SOOO great for energy! + it’s said that it can help with weight loss (increases metabolism) and tons of other shit like balancing your bodies PH. You can drink it 3x a day before meals to benefit energy all day + good metabolism. 🥂 BE A FRIEND and share this great tip with a friend toooo or Pin to your fave healthy girl Pinterest board!

I was stoked to update my phone and see all the new fun to be had with new emojis!!!

It’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH!! Where my scorpios at!!? Scorpio is exotic and magnetic, as deep as the sea, and, depending on our mood, as calm or as tempestuous.


Scorpio likes clear endings and beginnings, with no grey areas in between.


Scorpio tends to be possessive of their loved ones and also find it extremely difficult to trust people and are therefore very secretive.


We are lovers AND fighters depending on which side of ours you’re on. We will will take secrets to grave unless we are driven to do otherwise, or unless we think you’ve wronged us.


We are intuitive AF. We know something’s going to happen before it does and can easily read people .


We tend to be self-destructive because we are fearless and stubborn even when life gets a little tricky. We’ll take one to the chin and keep going.


Self-confident, resourceful, and strong. Where my scorpios at? 🎂🍾🎉Happy Birthday, boo ❤

Here’s the Skinny on Day 16:

Wake up w/20 oz of distilled water (Mineralize added) and continue drinking this ALL day just not until 30 mins after a meal for digestion purposes!

Take Supplements (Optimize & Revitalize)

Wait 30 Minutes


Wait at least 2 hours. (I waited 3)

Take Supplements again

Wait 30 min


Wait at least 2 hours (I waited 3)

Take your power greens

Wait 30 minutes

Optional Snack

Wait 2 hours

Take Supplements (Optimize, Revitalize & Soothe)

Wait 30 min


The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – What is it?
e Ultimate Reset, here

If you want to join in and find out more fill out this quick survey to give me a snapshot of your goals and within 24 hours I’ll zip a free health & fitness recommendation over to you and help you get started wherever your “kickstart”begins!


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