The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – Day 14

I used to indulge the ENTIRE month of November for my 🎉BIRTHDAY MONTH then 👎🏼🙄😵 5️⃣➕lbs later stress eat through the holiday months. 🤑🤑💸💸 Money for Christmas gifts. Who will be where and when we would all be together (blended family of 7) Everything I had to do to get it ALL 🤗🏃🏼💃🏼done. I would eat && drink ALLLLLAAAAAADOES emotions. Like ugh. 🍩☕️🍹🍰🍫🍦🍣🍟🍗🍕🥓🍞🍪

… This year I’m ALLLAAAABOUT me 🙌🏻🙏🏼🎉 This month so far. 14 days of focusing on me, taking care of my needs, timed & detailed nutrition, yoga, and even through some minor hiccups…..

😍😍😍EXCITED TO SHARE MY CRAZY RESULTS — FIRST though in my Holiday prep group — tomorrow morning🙌🏼☺️

… I hope you’ve joined and you’ll let me help you beyond just “maintaining” your weight as we head into the holidays and prep for an 80 Day journey 🐛➡️🦋 that begins January 15th!! We’ve got some work to do before that date gets here! Go check out the Sneak Peek group for the big 2 WEEK TRANSFORMATION reveal 🦄✨

👉🏼ShineBrightTribeCommunity👈🏼 Here’s the Skinny on Day  14: Wake up w/20 oz of distilled water (Mineralize added) and continue drinking this ALL day just not until 30 mins after a meal for digestion purposes!

Take Supplements (Optimize & Detox)

Wait 30 Minutes


Wait at least 2 hours. (I waited 3) Take Supplements again

Wait 30 min

I pampered myself today with a new mani/pedi! Amazing what fresh nails can do to make you feel like a million bucks!!

Lunch Wait at least 2 hours (I waited 3) Take your power greens

Wait 30 minutes

Optional Snack

Wait 2 hours

Take Supplements (Optimize, Detox & Soothe)

Wait 30 min


The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – What is it?
the Ultimate Reset, here If you want
in and find out more fill out this quick survey to give me a snapshot of your goals and within 24 hours I’ll zip a free health & fitness recommendation over to you and help you get started wherever your “kickstart” begins!


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