The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – Day 13

Phew! Today I was IN THE ZONE!! To say I’ve battled every negative thought and emotion every minute of every day is an understatement. I’ve tried to have temper tantrum’s over the food only to realize it’s a breeze and I actually constantly feel full. I’ve tried to say it’s too hard to shop, prep, plan when in reality I save more time by doing so. And probably to be honest a lot more money!

I keep giving myself that moment to just break and make nachos or pick up a pizza but then I realize the number of women counting on me and the number of times I’ve quit on myself — and there’s no way I’m giving up on one of those things this time!

I thought I would be a lot more emotional at this point of the 21 days just from what I had read so far from others who’s gone through it but honestly I have no complaints, worry, emotional break out or bad feelings to speak of.

I attribute that success to plenty of Epsom salt and essential oil detox baths, as well as, resting whenever I need to! Meaning sleeping whenever I feel like it and going to bed early! 2 things I NEVER allow myself to do regularly. I have been pushing so hard this year on my goals I wasn’t recognizing that it was a detriment to my physical and emotional well being. Definitely going to remind myself when I’m feeling worn down that I need to do things daily to feed my soul and take care of me.

Here’s the Skinny on Day 13:

Wake up w/20 oz of distilled water (Mineralize added) and continue drinking this ALL day just not until 30 mins after a meal for digestion purposes!

I’m having tea every morning at his point because it’s cold as balls all of a sudden now and I can’t even handle the freezing temps I’m waking up to! I even pulled out my heating blanket for sitting on the couch!

Take Supplements (Optimize & Detox)

Wait 30 Minutes


Wait at least 2 hours. (I waited 3)

Take Supplements again

Wait 30 min


Microgreen salad (again) and roasted beets leftover from last night. I did make a delish creamy garlic dressing with more Dijon than the last batch and used the nutribullet to purée a piece of lemon rind included into the dressing!! It’s fabulous!!

Wait at least 2 hours (I waited 3)

Take your power greens

Wait 30 minutes

Optional Snack

Wait 2 hours

Take Supplements (Optimize, Detox & Soothe)

Wait 30 min


Slight rebellion going on. I’m not super stoked on some upcoming recipes and this zero to no carbs (from rice and grain) thing is KILLING me. I use carbs to power up my creative energy and learning to source that Out has been HARD!! That being said I didn’t eat what was called for and instead modified this to show you that if you have grace & patience with yourself you are more likely to see this to the end rather than quit!!!!

I chose butternut squash in Italian herbs, steamed broccoli &carrots, and the teensiest scoop of rice imaginable just to soothe me and remind me that I CAN do this for 8 more days!!!!

5 self love tips for you to share!! 


The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – What is it?
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