5 ways to fall in love with yourself

I love it when women love themselves. I love it when women are learning to love themselves. I love it when women inspire other women to love themselves.

My top 5 tips for how I learned to love myself.

1. Personal Development aka “self-help.”

I’ve always been a “self-help” junkie. Figuring out how past events have affected me in order to continue down a journey of emotional healing and huge personal growth.

Taking that step might help you realize it’s definitely hard, but it is very much worth it.

2. Make working out a priority and part of your routine.

Whether you’re already fit or you don’t really care too much about having a healthy lifestyle, working out seriously has so many benefits.

Personally, it motivates me to be productive, it helps clear my mind, and it reduces my stress levels.

Yes, it has been hard sometimes to keep active when there are days where I’m overcome with mommaxhaustion (mommas know what I’m talking about), but working out has become a part of me now. I feel weird when I don’t do it and when I finally do it and I experience the benefits I question why I didn’t just push through.

3. Disconnect.

I cannot stress this one enough. Honestly, I crave doing this more than I get the chance to. When I disconnect, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. There’s something about putting my phone away in my bedroom and coming down into the kitchen to bake with the kids, sit in front of the fire and read, spend time writing or drawing, watching a movie — anything other than waiting for text dings or opening my social media accounts every five minutes.

4. Spend time doing things you love.

I started a blog years ago but didn’t really know my immediate idea for it. As I’ve been doing this 21 day detox it has been super liberating and kinda fulfilling to get lost in my feelings and just type them all out in my blog. Try to do whatever it is you like to do. Writing, singing, painting, running, anything. Even if you’ve never tried it before, do it and see where it takes you.

5. Be honest about what you think and feel.

I think if you’re like me you get caught up in caring so much about what other people think that you deny yourself so that you can keep them “happy.” This isn’t helping anyone I promise. At first, you’ll likely upset some and it will be hard to keep your courage, but in the end, you will gain respect and be surrounded by those you truly enjoy being around and you will live a way less stressful life.

You are such a beautiful, amazing, and capable person no matter how different your life may look from the picture the world has shown you.

I challenge you today to forget about looking like X person or trying to do X things because that’s what this person does. Whether you choose some of the things from my list or you take the time to come up with your own, love yourself by doing things that are good for you and make you happy.

Love yourself and love yourself hard. ❤

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