The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – Week 1 Reclaim Meal Plan & Grocery List

Sometimes we all need a fresh start. I have the rest of this year to get as healthy as possible to undergo probably the most intense physical condition I’ve ever tried to achieve. I’m going to be starting 80 Day Obsession with a group of sisters January 15th, 2018! It’s 80 days of obsessive focus on fitness and nutrition spread over 13 weeks. I’m no where near that level right now so I grabbed some friends and committed to the Ultimate Reset is designed to support and restore your body and help you move forward toward reaching your goals.

This unique nutrition program resets your digestive health and resets your body back to it’s “factory settings.” It says it will improve my energy and moods too, thank the Lord.

I thought the food was gonna be much worse! Honestly I thought I’d have to be feeling like I was eating cardboard for 21 days but that is soooo not the case! Here’s week 1:

week 1 reclaim meal plan

MEAL PLAN The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – WEEK 1-RECLAIM


MEAL PLAN The Skinny on the Ultimate Reset – WEEK 1 SHOPPING LIST

WHAT is the Ultimate Reset?

For those of you not familiar with this program, the Ultimate Reset is an all-natural alternative to harsh cleanses and starvation diets. So if you’re tired of being tired and feeling run down, the Ultimate Reset is for you.

WHY do the Ultimate Reset?

“The most important thing people need to realize about the Ultimate Reset is that it’s a total lifestyle change,”*** says Darin, co-creator of the program and founder of SuperLife,“Most people know they should be eating better, getting more sleep, and drinking more water, versus highly caffeinated beverages such as coffee. Yet we live in a world filled with exhausted, unhealthy, and unhappy people.”

So if people know that what they’re doing isn’t beneficial to their health, then why are so few doing anything to live a healthier life? “The answer is simple,” says Darin, “bad habits coupled with good excuses. But the thing is, in order for things to change in life, YOU need to change. And the first step to making that change is finding your reason why.”

How to find YOUR “reason why.”

“You’ve got to be completely honest with yourself,” Darin says, “and find the emotional reason that drives your desire to change. The reason why can’t just be ‘I want to lose weight.’ Because when times get tough, and they will, if you haven’t come to terms with that deeply rooted, emotional reason that’s driving this desired lifestyle change, you’ll fall back into old habits. What you’ve got to do is determine how much your ‘why’ is worth to you. Write it down. Dream of that place. Ditch the bad food and drinks. Stock up on the good stuff. Get anchored in. Get a support group. And envision success.”

How often should people do the Ultimate Reset?

“Don’t ever stop doing it,” Darin says. “I know people who do it several times a year to only once a year. You’ve got to think of this program less as a program, and more of a lifestyle. And every time you do it, you develop another great habit that’ll be with you for your entire life.”

Ready to Reset?

Go to Ultimate Reset and grab your kit to save $80 and secure your spot today!

And if you’re not quite ready keep watching my blog! I’m sharing every single day here!! xo


***quote provided by Shakeology website


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