How to take your “Before and After” pictures and measurements

Don’t forget to take your “before” pictures and measurements, and record them before starting any new fitness or nutrition journey! I know it’s a rough thought maybe but you will want to have those photos to say HASTA LA VISTA BABY to that body!

It’s also extra accountability to share your pics/measurements with your coach and in the private challenge group you are taking part of! It’s amazing the willpower you will have when you’re pics are on the line!!

What to Wear:  Swimwear or tight fitting workout wear (sports bra and shorts). Show as much of your body as is comfortable. This is the best way to see the changes that are about to take place!

Where to Shoot: Have someone else take the photo for you with a digital camera is best but if you use a cell phone use video to screenshot or the timer to get the right poses. Take your photos in front of a plain background or white wall. The less clutter in the background, the more attention on you.

What to Shoot: You want to take a full front, full back, and side view. Make sure to include your face and don’t forget to smile! You can put your hands at your sides, on your hips, even flexing in the air with a twist in your abdomen! Just make sure that you have before/after photos in the same pose so you can accurately see your transformation! And don’t suck it in or push it out – Just be the REAL YOU!

after funny 01 30 2015 21 df 00 May 2015  to June 2015


Don’t forget to take progress pictures too so you can see how far you’ve come!!


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