A new message from one of my challengers

…just made my day!love feeling skinny post icon me


Messages like these make me sooooooooo incredibly happy. I hear words like “down ___ pounds” or “starting this round STRONG” and it sends chills through me!!
I have to pinch myself! THIS is what I do!? I raise others up and support them to be their best, happiest self!? How ever did I get soooo lucky… blessed… fortunate? Oh that’s right!
I made myself a priority first! I spent 60 days focusing one hour per day ON MYSELF! It made me MY BEST, HAPPIEST SELF! And I said YES to this amazing coaching opportunity so I could find YOU!
How do you feel? Could you use the support and help from a friend? Do you want to look back at that reflection and FEEL GOOD? It’s not all about being “skinny” or having some unrealistic expectation. It’s about what it does to your emotional and mental state when you start to actually take care of yourself. Fuel your body and your mind with GOOD STUFF and amazing things will happen!
I’m sending messages out today to everyone that RSVP’s to this event so make sure you click join and confirm we are friends on Facebook if you would like more information!

And tip #4 will be posted later today from your starter steps to feeling great naked!

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