Bikini Comp Meal Plan

I have been spending the last 3 weeks cutting out excess sugar and carbs. I knew I could never go cold turkey so I moderately removed things from  my meal plan that I knew were holding back my progress.

My next step is trying out a true competition diet. I will not lie. This meal plan scares the holy sheet out of me!! I like to eat what I want when I want. And a lot of time I workout harder so that I can still eat things like frozen yogurt and enjoy weekend cocktails and nachos.

girls be like


So, for one week (after my 3 day cleanse) I will be following THIS meal plan. This bikini competitors meal plan. This uber scary but so basic meal plan. Want to try it with me? Friend me at http:/ and let’s do it together! I need all the help I can get!! hahaha

Fill out this quick survey and let me know you want the bikini comp plan. I’ll email you a copy and give you a free health & fitness recommendation to reach your personal goals! xo


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